Give your home kerb appeal

First impressions count. Passers-by, friends and family will all scrutinise your front garden, path, door, porch and steps, if you have them. They'll make an instant decision about the care you give to your home, before they've even rung the bell. Be the talk of the neighbourhood and give them something to think about by giving your home great kerb appeal! Raised porch at the front of the house, with black wooden bench with one yellow cushion saying 8, the other 9

Lush Home

Add something different, like cushions with your door number, to make your home unique. Stone steps up to a black wooden glass door, surrounded by white door frame

Decorating Files

Seasonal door wreaths, flowers and decorations for the space in-front of your door shows that you like to keep your home looking fresh and new. Lovely round patio design, combined with concentric circle plant layout

Luxury Decorating Ideas

A neat garden shows you have a neat and tidy home. Using period planting and designs also highlights the fact that you respect your home's design style.

Add corners of interest to give your home individualism. Using natural materials highlights your love for nature and the environment. Large rusty metal block stood upright, with an intricate swirling pattern at the base


Add sculptural interest to give a flat garden a sense of height. Sculptures will also help draw the eye away from the less sightly aspects. A front garden mailbox, in the shape of a little cream house with red roof

The Land Down Under

Add a unique letter box which reflects your style and taste. This cute little house instantly portrays a warm and family orientated home. Three different sized plant pots stacked on top of each other, filled with soil and plants coming out of each


Brighten up a dead and dull corner with clever planters and seasonal flowers. Wooden crate with plant pots on top, and matching pots on a grey tiled garden floor

DIY & Crafts

If you only have a small space at the front of your house maximise its usefulness by planting fragrant herbs. They'll not only make a refreshing fragrant when touched you can use them in your cooking too! Colourful flowers overflowing from abucket

Washington Federal

Think out-side-the-box when using planters. Old tin washing baskets make great places for annuals. Cylindrical glass fish bowl with gold fish inside


Give the neighbours something unusual to look at! An outdoor fish tank will turn heads. Wooden door mat engraved with the surname Williams

Kate Kovalcin

Add a touch of refinement with a wooden door mat with your family name etched into it. Dakr blue front door, with classy cream surround and decorative pillars on either side

Fashion Always First

Keeping your front door and façade of your house freshly painted will instantly give a sense of order and precision.

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