Get your head stuck in a good book- it's read a book day

Find yourself a comfy corner or pull up a chair and immerse yourself in your favourite book because today is Read a Book Day. Today we;re encourage to read a book and encourage and children to do so as well. Be inspired to make a quiet corner in your home or re-vamp a room into a library, although the Kindle is probably here to stay, or at least various versions, a good old fashioned book will always have a place in our homes. Teddy sitting next to two books next to a sofa


Books can make fabulous accessories in virtually any style of home. Reading nook and fold out bed in a small bedroom


Encourage children to grab a book by giving them a dedicated reading area. Very cosy reading nook in a dark wood fitted closet

Econo Loft

This may be a shared reading area but you have to agree it looks rather comfy. Arm chair and foot stool with open book on top


Oozing refined style and elegance traditional and modern homes can have a reading corner that's incredibly grown-up. Two arm chairs in front of a large window in a cream living room

Flat Ideas

Bay windows make a great place to read a book; there's lots of natural light to help reduce eye-strain. Shelves and pull out day bed

Decor Adviser

This contemporary book shelf also houses chaise-lounge style seating that slides into the shelving unit when not in use. Comfy cream chair by and open window, with hints of blue and cream throughout the room

Ronan Realty Blog

Modern men will also like a cosy corner to read. Looking down at a rustic white garden bench in a cosy alcove of a concrete courtyard

Home designing

Stick Chair doesn't look the most comfortable place to sit and read a book, but you have to admire the design. Bookshelves behind a unit door and a duck egg blue reading chair

Home To Decor

If you don't have enough room inside to make a reading corner you always have the option of making one outdoors on the patio. Light green reading ares on the mezzanine of a stair case

Renovator Store

If you have a large landing why waste the space when you can transform it into a mini home library.

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