Small is beautiful. Just because you have restricted space in your home there's nothing stopping you being big on style with a few innovative ideas. PhotoRepro: 0  PhotoRepro: 1 PhotoRepro: 2 PhotoRepro: 3 Retouch:  Conny O

Beazley Home

One room living is compact, but when you have a design such as this the size of your living space won't be an issue. white-kitchen-dining-furniture-design-feat-cool-home-decor-for-less-photo-with-small-orange-sofa-and-contemporary-coffee-table

Valiant Design

Kitchen, living room combos were all the rage back in the 70s, today similar designs are returning as living spaces are becoming smaller. small-home

Charles and Hudson

You can't get much smaller than this home, but it's neat, compact and very liveable for singles or couples who enjoy each other's close company. Nano-House-by-Phillis-Richardson-3-537x405


Small space living is perfect for country retreats. When you have views like this one you won't be spending much time inside anyway! Hus.Ett-is-a-Stunning-Micro-Home-10

Face Pla

Designers is created a visually stunning micro home set amidst a forest. tiny-house-18791

Kevins Micro Home Stead

When land at the sides is restricted, you can go up and thin to live in a beautiful little home that's packed with character and style.

small_modular_homeShipping Container Living

This small modular home gives plenty of natural light with extensive views to outdoors, making the home appear much larger than in reality. Nano-House-by-Phillis-Richardson-5-537x357


this Nano home is big on style inside and out. 3

VX Lab

This must be one of the coolest student digs, ever. new-home-designs-modern-small-homes-designs


If you love isolation, this small house fits the bill perfectly. Tiny-House-on-wheels


If you don't like staying in one place for long this small house on wheels will suit your lifestyle perfectly.