Décor inspired by willy wonka & the chocolate factory

Which ever version of the film or musical stage play you've seen, you have to agree that Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is one of the best children's film ever! Indulge your love of the characters, you may even recognise a few of their traits in your own children, and be inspired to create your own Willy Wonka themed décor.

Golden Ticket

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, quiz

Willy Wonka themed golden ticket cushion

Available From Us

A cushion printed as a Golden Ticket is a great way to introduce Willy Wonka into your home.

Charlie Bucket

Charlie Bucket actor from the Tim Burton film

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Film

The hero of the tale, Charlie would love to have his own Willy Wonka themed bedroom – much better than sharing a bed with all of his grandparents.

Augustus Gloop

Augustus Gloop actor from the Tim Burton film

Rosie Garner

A room and its furniture made from chocolate

Bit Rebels

Augustus was a greedy little boy who gorged himself on anything edible. He would love an entire room and furnishings made from chocolate to eat his way through!

Mike Teavee

Mike Teevee  actor from the Gene Wilder film

The Mystery Case Files

Wild west indoor tepee tent


Mike Teavee loved watching westerns on TV – a child's bedroom with a cowboy and Indian style theme would tick all the right boxes for Mike.

Veruca Salt

Veruca Salt  actress from the Gene Wilder film

Life Being Girly

Modern and trendy kids bedroom with white bed and dark blue headboard

Kensington Bliss

Veruca was thoroughly spoilt, demanding that she wanted everything “Now!”. Spoil your little darling with a bedroom that has all the latest trends and gadgets.

Violet Beauregarde

Violet Beauregarde actress from the Gene Wilder film, inflated like a blueberry

One Room With A View

Bedroom with a blueberry coloured wall and cushions, on a white and purple bed

Royal Forester Inn

Violet becomes inflated as a giant blueberry in the Willy Wonka film. A blueberry themed bedroom should do the trick for your little Violet.


Ooompa Loompas from the Gene Wilder film

Wanee Festival

Ooompa Loompa wooden cutout on a cream room, with fulls sacks of sugar at his feet


These cherry little souls are a major part of the story. Have your own Oopa-Loompa sitting in the corner of a room with sacks full of sweets! For more Roald Dahl homewares, take a look at our site.

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