Cool rooms for kids 1: hideouts

This week we're going to focus on offering interior design inspiration for kid's rooms. If you want a happy atmosphere in your home (and who doesn't?) then pleasing your children is halve the battle! Whilst we're on the subject of battles why make bed-time a battle every night when you can create a wonderful camouflage theme for boys and girls alike.

Depending on how 'into' the military or camping out their room can be designed and decorated with a full on approach or a simple single duvet cover with a camouflage design. If you don't like green then blue camouflage bedding works equally as well in a more relaxed and less military orientated way. Creating a retreat and hide-away enables kids to have their own space where they can play and learn, however, be careful as too much can become an obsession which may not be too healthy for your child's social and emotional development.

Blackout curtains will be an ideal window dressing and enable torches to be used at night for reading under the duvet when 'lights out' has been called! You could use blackout blinds and curtains if you're looking for total darkness! Be mindful with young children about safety and look for blinds which have a wand control mechanism rather than pull chords to reduce the potential choking hazard.

Camouflage bedroom curtains may be a little OTT so use olive green or dark tan which are great colours should or when your child tires of camouflage and wants to move onto a different bedroom theme within a short space of time. Add rugs for comfort, particularly on laminate or wooden flooring and to add further interest.

You could even use netting on the walls as a great way to display your child's artwork, pictures, posters or lightweight objects with a military connection. A camouflage patterned beanbag will provide informal seating and lounging. Make sure you leave plenty of floor space free for playing and as the military are renowned for their neat and tidiness you should have a problems with clutter and mess in their bedroom!

Rather than focus on the military aspect a more informal camp or camping may be preferable. You can use the same ideas and soft furnishings but with a little less emphasis on wars and fighting which will be more suitable for many families.

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