Coastal interior design ideas for dining rooms

Moving onto dining rooms, today we offer interior design ideas for creating a coastal look to enhance the look of your dining room using using gentle creams with subtle hints of duck egg blue along with splashes of green by using natural plants and foliage displays. Gentle cream is the ideal coastal colour scheme, reminiscent of bleached driftwood the colour tones beautifully with wooden tables and flooring.

To compliment the wood theme wooden curtain poles are the ideal choice for hanging full length lightweight curtains. For a more informal look chair covers in cream with duck egg blue pleated inserts - this colour contrast shows peeps of blue to tease the eye and help prevent the cream looking too flat- offering a relaxed and casual look. Chairs covers are also an effective way of bringing out-dated padded chair seats up to date – which is ideal if your dining chairs are comfortable or as a way to bring an assortment of different styles of chairs to sit next to one another harmoniously.

Wooden flooring is easy to protect using large rugs in a neutral colour, natural fibres such as sisal are ideal providing longevity as well as style and functionality and suit both traditional and modern homes excellently. Muted cream rather than high gloss adds an air of refinement and sophistication to the room, while personal effects displayed on open shelving gives the room a subtly intimate feel – an ideal place to relax and enjoy a good meal and bottle of something with friends and family.

You can show hints of the coastal theme by selecting display objects which are a little unusual or that remind you of distant shores and clear seas. For contemporary dining rooms the colours can be darker to create an air of mystery and chic styling – peacock and iridescent blues are ideal accent colours to compliment cream or white furniture and soft furnishings. If your dining room is a little on the dark side during the day, try using mirrors to help bounce light around the room – placing a mirror opposite a window usually produces the desired affects.

You can also swap matt for gloss paint to help disperse light, try using reflective surfaces – even a highly polished table can help radiate sunlight around the room, so there's no excuses for not keeping it dust and finger mark free!

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