Cheap, but chic kitchen makeover ideas

Today we take a look at kitchens, this is usually the hub of the home and apart from installing new cupboards many people struggle to find cheap, but chic ways to give their kitchens a fresh new look. We have 10 interior design ideas which, hopefully, will add a new lease of life to your tired looking kitchen.

1. Be realistic

As we're not talking about ripping everything out and starting from scratch, you need to be realistic when considering which aspects of your kitchen needs the most TLC.

2. Update splash-backs

It's surprising just how grubby and greasy splash-backs can become. Give them a good clean using hot soapy water to bring them back to new. You could also use paint (the type that is formulated for use on glazed tiles) to bring new colours into your kitchen.

3. Windows

Simply swapping window blinds for a bright new colour or a neutral can bring a kitchen to life. If you have a small kitchen consider using cheap curtains, such as lightweight voiles; it's surprising what a difference new curtains or blinds can make to the overall look.

4. Look at your floor

New tiles may look great but they can be expensive. Use a large rugs to give comfort underfoot and add colour. It's wise to use anti-slip backing for obvious reasons!

5. Use Pattern

If you've always had plain kitchen walls try using a pattern. A high percentage of most kitchen walls are covered by cupboards or tiles, making this a cheap way to change the colour and appearance of one wall. Patterned stickers for tiles can also be used, but they are a little passé.

6. Lighting

Kitchens need to be well lit, try replacing fluorescent strip lights for spot lights which can be directed to illuminate work areas.

7. Focal point

Even kitchens need a focal point – draw attention to your new window dressing or wall.

8. Seasonal accessories

Kitchens are ideal rooms to use seasonal accessories. Vases filled with seasonal flowers are a cheap, but chic way of giving a new look to worktops or small tables.

9. Add texture

Use different textures to stop your kitchen looking flat. This is a little bit of a challenge, but you can use different textured paints or use wallpaper with a soft sheen surface – this will also help to move light around a small kitchen.

10. Use nature

Fill a clear jar with autumn leaves, pine cones or display branches and interesting coloured sticks in a large vase.

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