Cheap, but chic children's bedroom makeover ideas

Decorating children's bedrooms can feel like painting the Fourth Bridge! - you just seem to finish and low and behold your child has changed his/her mind and what's a different colour, theme or style. As such it becomes all to necessary to create a cheap, but chic bedroom for them. There are many ways to approach your child's bedroom decorating. Here's 10 interior design ideas to get you started.

1. Don't be too critical

This is one room in your home where you don't need to be too critical – basically because soft furnishings and even furniture will need to be replaced every few years as a minimum.

2. Update bedding

One area which will need to be constantly updated is bedding. Not only will you need to have a least one extra duvet sets to hand in case of accidents, but also you can change bedding colour and style far easier than completely redecorating them room.

3. Window Dressing

Childrens curtains and kids fabric are perfect for children of all ages. There's a vast choice of colours, patterns and prints to keep children happy. Blackout roller blinds are also a good option for children of all ages – be mindful of operating cords and keep them out of reach of young children.

4. Flooring

Large area rugs are an ideal way to give your child a place to play in comfort. Choose rugs with a short pile rather than a shag pile as toys won't get caught up and misplaced.

5. Add pattern and colour

If you have plain walls try changing the colour for a brighter shade, alternatively choose a pattern on a feature wall to bring an instant, inexpensive update to the room.

6. Lighting

Table lamps are a great idea in children's bedrooms, especially for children who are a little apprehensive about being left in the dark. Just make sure that the leads are tucked out of sight to reduce any potential risks of them being tugged or used to climb onto furniture.

7. Make a focal point

This could be the bed or the newly decorated wall. Display items also make a good focal point in older children's rooms.

8. Seasonal accessories

Children love to collect natural things when they're out and about – so use these to keep the room alive and fresh.

9. Add texture

Add richness to the room by contrasting textures. Use a variety of tactile textures in the décor as these will help feed inquisitive children's minds, which is all part of broadening their horizons as they grow.

10. Using nature

Collections of sea-shells, pebbles, wood, leaves and even a tank filled with stick-insects or a wormery are great display objects which can be changed when a new collection or treasure has been found.

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