Bright ideas for outdoor weddings

It's the time of year when many couples take the plunge by getting hitched. Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular, both at home and abroad. When the day turns to night keep the magical party atmosphere by using ingenious lighting that compliments the theme of your big day. Creative Outdoor Wedding Lighting Using Umbrellas

Bride Box

If you're having your outdoor wedding in the UK in June the chances are it will rain! Be prepared and use umbrellas as lighting to cover your guests from any passing shower. Garden Wedding Party Lighting Ideas


Get the lavish banquet theme under exquisite outdoor chandelier lighting. Floating Lantern Wedding Lighting

Wedding Bee

Involve your guests in lighting up your big day with paper sky lanterns. Hong Kong Wedding Lighting


Hang fairy lights vertically from a large tree to create a magical waterfall effect. Glass Jars With Candles In Them Hanging From Trees

Light Advices

If you're on a tight budget make your own tea-light holders to hand from trees or bushes. Adding touches of lace will make them more wedding appropriate. Lit Fair Lights Wrapped Around Tree Trunks

Premier Lamp Shades

Rather than hanging fairy lights, wrap them around tree trunks, they'll add plenty of light in a stylish way. White Fairy Lights Covering The Ceiling Of A Wedding Breakfast


Cover the entire wedding breakfast area with a blanket of twinkly fairy lights to create the effect of eating under the stars. Modern Outdoor Lampshade

Pica Pong

Go contemporary with spotlights with geometric shades. Choose brightly coloured inners that compliment your theme. Rose Petals Creating A Romantic Garden Path


Get truly romantic and have a rose petal path lighted by simple tea lights floating in large, clear glass vases. Glow Stick Wand Exit For Wedding

Engaged Now What

Give your guests glow sticks to wave as they cheer your future and departure from the day. Large Glow Sticks Swirled Around For Bride And Groom

Potomac Point Winery

Use giant glow sticks to create artistic, contemporary lighting on the lawn area or beach. Fancy Black And White Starry Wedding Cake


The cake always take centre stage, if you're planning to cut it in the evening make it light-up the table. Bride And Groom Looking At Fireworks

Alice In Wedding Land

Fireworks will illuminate the night sky beautifully at the end of your special day.

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