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So you've nearly finished decorating, and now the paints dry and the furniture's in you realise that something is missing, so you begin thinking of ways to complete the room, this is when most people consider bringing some art into the mix. In reality this afterthought is usually the central focus of a room, and can drastically change the visual direction of your interior design. This article explores the ways you can use art as a truly integrated part or your home and the different ways you can display it. Luxury bedroom interior with double bed and modern, funky and geometric purple wall art

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Gone are the days when your only choices were between tins of paint and rolls of wallpaper, now is the time to get adventurous with your wall space and look into the other options that are now available. Wall murals have really come into their own in recent months, and they can bring new life to a room. In a neutral room go for bold colours, for example in the lounge featured they have injected a splash of purple into an otherwise colourless interior. Light blue panel walls, white arm chair and childrens photos on the wall

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When your child presents you with an adorable drawing of their favourite animal (or any other character that takes their fancy), it’s usually swiftly placed under a magnet on the fridge, or pinned to the wall of your office, but why not take a different approach to displaying their ever improving works of art? These sorts of images, although a little rudimentary, can be incorporated into the décor of your child’s bedroom or play area when placed in clean simple frames and arranged neatly on the wall.

White shelves ona white wall filled with picture frames, above a Scandinavian style desk

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If you don’t have much spare time to devote to measuring heights and fitting picture hooks, using a shelf to display your favourite pieces can be an effective alternative. Not only can you display framed works in this manner, you can also place them with other items and objects that complement them, creating a beautiful mixed media wall gallery. This is a particularly good method for people who change their preferences and tastes quite frequently, because apart from the shelves, none of the display is a permanent fixture within the room and can be swapped and changed quickly and easily. Ceiling support column with a surrounding seat bench and lots of photo frames on the walls

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Bring some curated cool into your living space by selecting black and white frames in varying sizes to create a display of images an art gallery would be envious of. Herringbone wooden flooring, white walls and black table with large art print of a woman

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Instead of the standard paper or canvas, why not consider having an image printed onto glass (using a ceramic ink that is fired onto the glass) it creates a beautiful ethereal affect, the image is translucent and seems to glow and reflect the shapes of the room around it. Large delicate prints don’t necessarily need to be hung up high in a room to be a centrepiece; a simple way of presenting them is by placing them on a raised piece of furniture such as a desk, and leaning it against the wall. Large ceiling living room, with two beige sofas and a wall decal that looks like a real Parisian side street

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Clever use of land and cityscapes can really open up smaller rooms, giving the impression of depth to an otherwise flat wall. The featured image is an example of how art is used within a room to create a totally different dynamic to an otherwise boxed in lounge space. You don’t necessarily have to go with an entire wall mural to achieve a similar effect; simply having a large print on the wall can act as a window to another world. When considering your next interior design venture, why not take your artwork choices into account from the beginning and turn this serial afterthought into your centrepiece.

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