6 of this year's biggest interior design trends

This year we see some new introductions and some carry-overs in interior design trends. If you want to ensure that your home reflects these you should go out of your way to include these 6 aspects in your living space.

Beer Taps

Beer taps in kitchens are predicted to arrive in many homes this year. Those who like to party and entertain are having draft beer taps installed so that cold beer is always on-hand. Wet Bar Interior Design Ideas

Next Luxury


Once only seen on the Continent, bidets are being included in many luxury bathrooms, especially those that have a spa theme. London Contemporary



The height of luxury and fine living gold has been used by the wealthy for hundreds of years to decorate their homes. This precious metal has a glorious rich colour that sits comfortably in most decorating styles. team it with black for a glitzy, Hollywood look or simply add small touches to show you have your finger on the pulse of the latest design trends. Interior Wallpapers Designer Home Wall Coverings

Design Wagen

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

This trend carries over from last year. Making your home look and feel like the outdoors gives a sense of tranquillity, calm and healthiness. Grass floor

Little Luxury List

Hiding Cables

The bug-bear of many homes, trailing cables are a thing of the past as Wi-Fi technology takes over our homes. Industrial basement style living room

Home Theater Review


Whether you actually use it or not a fireplace is forecast to be this year's biggest focal point in a living room. Fireplace In Modest Living Room Decoration

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