10 reasons you should think twice about recycled furniture

Do you think of ramshackle, Shabby Chic or contemporary when you consider recycled furniture? It’s sad to say but many think of ramshackle and shabby rather than chic or cutting edge innovation and stunning design concepts.

Today we’ll show you 10 reasons you should think twice about including recycled or upcycled furniture in your home, including the good, the bad and the ugly.


This may be one of the top reasons people like to include recycled furniture in their home. Having bespoke furniture takes your interior up a level and the thought of having an item that is totally unique appeals to many for us. Modern futniture

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Helping to do our bit to save the environment is another great reason for considering the use of recycled and upcycled furniture in your home; particularly if the item is made from natural materials such as wood. Modern wood table

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It’s irrespective how unique a piece of upcycled furniture is; unless it’s comfortable there’s very little point in having it. Romantic camping inspiration

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Anyone who has tried to find a colour match for their décor will undoubtedly consider upcycling something they already have or deliberately search for a piece of furniture they can upcycle to complement their colour scheme. Piet Mondrian style chairs

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This could be seen to fall into two categories. Firstly if you have something such as – old ties, Grandma’s old shawl etc. that you don’t want to part with entirely, yet it sits gathering dust in the attic, you may want to extend its life by upcycling it into something useable. Secondly, extending the life of existing pieces of furniture make logical sense if there’s structurally nothing wrong with it. Patchwork wingback chair

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This links nicely with the above. Personal items are perfect for recycling and upcycling into something useable. Personally made pieces will also be a great hobby or pastime. Woven Chair

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We all like a little pride every now and then, so what better way than take pride in a piece you’ve rejuvenated or re-born. Skateboard Shelves



Sadly there are lots of these about. Recycling and upcycling it more than just throwing things together haphazardly and hoping they look chic, because in reality they won’t. Recycling takes imagination, flair and the ability to have a clear vision of the end result. Having said that, what one person considers a disaster another may view as fabulous! Modern style table

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Practicality links with many of the points already made. If the piece isn’t fit for practical use then it’s probably a waste of time. Industrial wire spool bookshelf

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Budget saving

This is the reason most people opt for recycling and upcycling. We’re not just talking students and newlyweds. People from all walks of life can see the fabulous amounts of money they can potentially save if they carry out projects themselves. On the other hand if you pay for bespoke upcycled furniture it doesn’t always come with a low price tag attached.

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