10 easy diy décor for trendy girls

Get a trendy look in your teen's room by asking them to make their contribution to the decorating scheme, after all it's their room and if they make the pieces they won't be able to moan about them!

CD Garlands A wall of CDs used to decorate a light blue wall


Use old CDs to make trendy wall décor.

Light Shades Three DIY lampshades using ribbons, pink paper and an old map

Life Style

There's plenty of ways to up-cycle an old lampshade into a stylish form of lighting.

Fairy Lights Fairy light and cotton wool used to make decorative clouds hanging from the ceiling


Use fairy lights or tiny LEDs to create bespoke ceiling lights, they're so cute!

Faux Fur Brass table stand with a fluffy top

This And That

Grab on old stool and cover the seat with faux fur to create a fun and funky place to sit.

Cushions Different coloured cushions with a bobbled edge


Give cushions a new look by adding fringing, tassels or bobbles.

Suitcase table DIY vintage suitcases stacked as a table


Get creative and use a stack of old suitcases to create a stylish bed side table.

Sequin Art DIY gold tile wall art above a white and cream double bed

DIY Projects for Teens

Give a bedroom a touch of Hollywood glam with a large sequin square wall art piece.

Cute Storage DIY wall organizer using a bright blue Tiffanys & Co bag


Don't through your designer shopping bags away, show them off as cute storage.

Sequins Dark coral pink bedroom separated into two sections, one for sleep and one for study


Give the areas of your room definition and identity using a chic screen and names!

Themes White and pink floral bedroom with indoor red umbrella and bedside table

IMG Foru

Add a touch of year round summer fun to brighten up the décor!

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