Should I opt for a stand alone lamp, or upgrade my ceiling light?

Quite often the ceiling light in a home is a bit of an afterthought and becomes a forgotten piece of equipment, as long as it keeps working we almost forget that it is even there at all. We might dust it occasionally and change the bulbs but all-in-all it is just a light. This is a terrible shame and a wasted opportunity because the lighting in your home can be so much more than just a source of illumination.

A good statement ceiling light can bring a new depth to your room and give that 'wow' factor to your décor. It doesn’t have to be a huge chandelier or a magnificent conglomeration of various bits of metal and glass. It can be as simple or as complex as your taste dictates but if it is a replacement for an old and inefficient light it will still bring new life to your room.

Changing A Light Bulb

Another reason to replace your old light fitting is that overtime your light, like any other working article will become worn and in the case of light fittings possibly dangerous. This said if your ceiling light is perfectly serviceable and you are quite happy with it then perhaps a good stand alone lamp is your answer.

Obviously it will depend on the light effect you want to achieve in your room. A new ceiling light fitting will generally give an overall pool of light that will reach most areas of your room, whereas a stand alone lamp can be used to just highlight a small space or corner leaving the rest of the room in shadow.

If you want to add depth and a little drama then you could use a stand alone lamp with a dramatic shade or a coloured bulb. There is no reason to stop at just one lamp either, strategically placing various lamps around your room will give a subtle illumination and also gives you the added choice of just how much light you want at any given time.

Brick Wall, Black Tripod Lamp And Grey Sofa

Bear in mind though that if you decide on a standard floor lamp it will need to be positioned in a place where no one can bump into it or knock it over. Dimmers are a good way to control the depth of your lighting and the use of a dimmer switch can also save you money, as a dimmed light needs less power to run.

Remember that there is no hard and fast rule that says that you can’t have both a good ceiling light and also a floor light and/or various lamps. The more lights you have the more interesting your room lighting can be. Mix and match various types of light for best effect, but remember there is such a thing as too much. Remember that your lighting is all about the look you want to achieve in your home, whether it be bright and modern or a dimmer and more formal look.

Finger Pressing A Light Switch

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