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The majority of rooms in most homes will have at least one pendant light fitting. This is a light fitting that hangs down from the ceiling either as a central single light or sometimes with more than one in a bank of lights. The pendant light is sometimes referred to as a drop or suspended light.

The pendant light is considered by some to be an old fashioned fixture, but many modern interior designers use pendant or drop lighting to create marvellous lighting displays. Pendant lights come in a huge variety of styles, shapes and materials and can be suspended low, as when used perhaps over a table or kitchen island, or short as when in use in a lounge or hallway.

Pendants lights are normally suspended using a cord, wire, chain or metal rod of variable length. As a general rule your pendant light should not be positioned where it will be an obstruction to your line of sight or in a place where it might be knocked into or easily broken.

The lamp shades for pendant lights come in an enormous variety of materials and designs from plastic to fabric or metal and glass. Complicated and intricate chandeliers made from cut and shaped reflective glass create stunning effects, whilst elaborate fabric or plastic gives a more modern look.

The style and design of highly polished or brightly coloured metals makes for an eye catching focal point in any room. Remember that the fixings for your light need to be adequate for the weight of the fitting and there must never be undue strain on the electrical cables that run to your light fitting. Some fittings can be extremely heavy especially when they are made from metal or glass. Hand-cut glass chandeliers can be hugely expensive so the last thing you would want is for your fitting to come loose and fall to the ground.

Often pendant lights are placed singly and as such can be made into the feature or focal point of your room, however in kitchens where brighter more directional light is needed a bank of low level pendants strung above a work surface gives a down-light that is bright enough to work with. Be careful though to make sure your lights are at the right height for your space, if too low you might find that you need to duck your head to avoid them and if placed too high the lighting effect you need will be lost.

A good pendant light can look amazing positioned over a dining room table and some lights will come with a rise and fall feature where it is possible to adjust the height of the light so that during the day it can be higher and out of the way, but for more intimate dining in the evening it can be pulled lower so that a pool of light is created only over the table. Using different coloured light bulbs can also add a new dimension to this sort of feature. This type of light fitting is also very good for use at a work station or a reading desk as the pool of light created can be classed as directional lighting.

Another good way to use pendant lighting is in a long hallway or corridor where a string of lights can be placed, sometimes these lights can be at varying heights and this will add to the visual effect. This can be particularly useful if you have high ceilings in your home.

Some pendant light fittings are designed to cast some light both upwards and downwards and the effect of this can be stunning as the shadows caused will run across the ceiling and create an intimate personal feel and look.

Pendant lights are also used extensively in the workplace and can be seen in shops, factories, offices and even green houses, usually as fluorescent tubes suspended on chains or wires.

Because pendant lights will always be hanging and generally at a height then cleaning needs to be considered carefully. If you have purchased a new light fitting you will probably have some manufacturers guidelines about the best way to care for your light, but if not then you need to take into account several points. Firstly remember that your light fitting is connected to the electricity and so never touch bare cables and never immerse your light in water.

Use a soft cloth to wipe dust and debris from your fitting where necessary and if possible clean removable parts in warm soapy water. If in doubt about the effect of cleaning products on your light fitting then it may be possible to clean a small area that is not visible to make sure of the result.

Pendant lights are extremely useful in numerous different scenarios and while some consider them to be 'old fashioned', they have their place in every home and can be enhanced with a shade or cover to compliment the style of your home and your decorating motif.

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