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Can I Get Matching Floor, Table and Pendant Lights?

Simply put, yes of course you can, should you want to coordinate all your light fittings it is quite possible to do so easily and without too much expense when you shop with Terrys Fabrics. It may well be a fairly simple job to match new lighting with the items you already have but if you want a complete match you may need to buy everything new whilst it is all easily available. Just decide on your theme and then see what is on offer. You might need to compromise a little here and there but with care it is possible to create your special look wherever and whenever you choose. 

There is such a wide choice of light fittings to be found now both on lour website and in our stores that whatever you chosen décor you will be able to match easily. Lighting comes in many varied styles, colours and shapes so that whatever the look you are trying to achieve it can be brought to a beautiful reality. There are light fittings to suit all price ranges and most room designs from modern metallic or glass through traditional to eclectic and into exotic and even chandeliers.

Of course it is not necessary to match everything exactly and it is possible to match just colour by having say red themed lamp shades on various bases or conversely you can opt for perhaps metal or stone bases and interchange the lamp shades that you choose which in turn will bring the look together. Just changing the shades on your existing lamps and light fittings can re-vamp your whole room and need not cost a fortune. Alternatively invest in a couple of new fittings that bring your room décor together in a new way and your chosen look might be achieved more simply.

Don’t forget that it is not necessary to match everything completely and a stylish and chic look can be achieved by mixing and matching your lights be they floor, table, or pendant lights.

Take time out to browse online from the comfort of your own home or just have a wander through our store to see what is on offer before you decide. You may well be amazed by the diversity of colours styles and shapes that are available and the majority of these will be easily matched throughout your home if needed.

If in doubt ask our customer helpline so that you can discuss your needs before making your decision. This can help avoid errors of judgement, but don't forget we offer a 'no quibble' guarantee, so should you not like your purchase you can return it without any fuss and choose something different.

Enjoy yourself as you plan and choose your exact lighting layout, as it is your home after all and you deserve to have it looking stylish whatever your decorating motif or budget. Matching and coordinating floor, table and pendant lights will provide your home with a harmonious, well balanced look.

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