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2016 Interior Design Trends – Softness

Softness evokes a feeling of gentleness, calm and relaxation. Just what we all need as we step into our homes after a hectic days work. This year design gurus are forecasting that softness is a necessity that we should all afford ourselves. There’s plenty of different ways you can bring a touch of softness to your home.


Upholstered TVs


Design Milk

Soft visuals


Italian Bark

Candy colours that are gentle on the eye create a feeling of softness and comfort.


Upholstered Storage



Harsh edges are softened with upholstery, padded is ideal to get this year’s look.


Padded Headboards


Patio Furniture Point

Like storage statement headboards are given a softer look with padding.


Hand Woven Wall Hangings


Flat 15

Walls are given texture and colour with hand woven wall hangings, either traditional or contemporary in style.


Brushed Metals


Home Inspiration Ideas

Metals, particularly brushed, gold or brass, are one of this year’s biggest trends.

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