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10 of The Most Outrageous Home Amenities

When money or space is no object luxury home owners can indulge is some of the most outrageous home amenities that most people only come across while on holiday! To show signs of wealth the top ten ‘must-have’ home amenities are:


1# Bowling alley


Fusion Bowling

An indoor bowling alley doesn’t come cheap, but when you live a life of luxury cost doesn’t come into the equation!


2# Shooting range



Practice your aim and shooting skills with your very own purpose built in-door shooting range.


3# Spa



These luxury home spas aren’t just jacuzzi style baths; they’re additional rooms that house everything you need for indulgent R&R.


4# Dance floor



No luxury home would be complete without its own basement dance floor.


5# Arcade room


Geek Nation

Men caves and dens are always included, however, some luxury homes also have rooms that are dedicated to slot and games machines.


6# Golf course


Ormeau Golf Club

if you have acres of ground then your own golf course is one of the latest must-have home amenities.


7# Golf simulator

indoorgolfcenterProtee United

When the weather isn’t playing nicely you can always spend time practising your tee-shots and putting skills on your own home golf simulator.


8# Indoor tennis court


Homes of The Rich

An indoor tennis court is becoming one of the hottest luxury home amenities.


9# Indoor pool


Cic Art

Lots of people have outdoor swimming pools; up-grade to an indoor one to show off your wealth and luxury lifestyle.


10# Home theatre


Audio Dimensions

No luxury home would be complete without a bespoke home theatre.

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