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28 of The Most Incredible Fireplaces

After years of ditching coal and log fires due to the dust, grime and damn right hard work they need to keep them functioning, the trends for green living and sustainable energy use has seen the fireplace once again being used to heat our living room. Admittedly some of them are gas fuelled rather than wood, and some are undoubtedly purely for aesthetics, but I’m sure you’ll agree they are the most incredible fireplaces being used today.



This amazing fireplace has metal ‘twigs’ with a flame jet dancing up them, providing an awe inspiring look.


Tech E Blog

A circular, modular design that would look stunning in any contemporary home. Due to its structure one assumes that it’s portable too.



This stunning fireplace encapsulates all the hallmarks of great design; using natural materials to make a fabulous focal wall.


Marvel Building

This fire pit is sunken into the floor. Simply lift the lid and voilà one of the most incredible fireplaces you’ll see.


Mighty Lists

Gas jets set in a straight line and housed in a curvaceous fireplace, this contemporary design hits all the right notes in terms of aesthetic style.


Interesting Design Stuff

This angular wood burner is a modern take on the typical wood-burner style – having the enlarged chimney gives it an up-beat look.


Interesting Design Stuff

Fabulous feature wall with inset fireplace.


Zeo Interior

Awesome contemporary design that fits in well with this luxury home.


Home Designing

Loving the shape and design of this wall-mounted fireplace.



A stylish, free standing fireplace on a rotating base means you can position it anyway you want to. When it’s not in use snap the lid shut and you’ll have a stunning looking coffee table.


The Very Best Top

Roll your fireplace into position with ease; this amazing fireplace in ideal for outdoor use.


This Designers Palette

Portable fireplaces seem to be springing up everywhere!


Resource DIR

If you the love steam punk and the unusual, you’ll adore this awesome fireplace.


Apartment Geeks

Don’t let the cold weather deter you from stepping outside. You’ll keep beautifully warm sitting in front of this fabulous outdoor fireplace.



The simplicity of this fireplace design speaks for itself.



The Rising Hollywood

This suspended fireplace has a dual purpose – when it’s not a fire it can be used as an ice bucket – now that’s ingenious!


Home Design Find

Inset into the wall the cylindrical shape suits a contemporary home well.


Marvel Building

Sculpture meets fire with this incredible outside fireplace.


Create Beautiful Rooms

This chimney pipe fire really compliments this interior’s style.



The ideal design for heating an open-plan layout.


Decoracao E ideias

The oval shape of this wood-burner brings it bang up to-date.


DIY Networks

Open pit fires are perfect for patios – especially when there’s no children in the household.



Old meets new head-on with this amazing steel fireplace being used in a beamed and stone walled living room.


Home Design Find

The design concept of this burner provides a free-standing fireplace that heats the next level via the heat rising through the chimney.



We all know that wall lights can add the all important finishing touches to a room, but wall-mounted fires is a whole new concept – having said that for hundreds of years, before gas and electricity, people did light and heat their homes with wall-mounted bundles of twigs – think back to some of the movies i.e. any film set in an old castle and you’ll get the drift.


Grave Shift CSI

Another awesome fire-pit fireplace set into a floor.


A new twist on a classical style of free-standing fireplace.


The very Best Top 10

Portable and modular this fire provides heat at a higher level than most.

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