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Bedroom Bliss

If the bed is the star attraction in any bedroom, then the style and colour of the bedding that covers it is the mood it is in. By choosing the right bedding, you can transform your bed from frumpy co-star to leading lady- and it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

When choosing bedding colour and style first check to make sure it is in keeping with mood you are trying to achieve- all too often people get side tracked when they see a pretty pattern or fun colour and completely forget that success is found in a holistic theme rather than completely lovely but unlinked objects and finishes. Matching your bedding to items like your curtains, table lamp shades and rugs will result in a seamless finish.

There are three important factors when making a decision on bedding: colour, style, and quality. If you want calm and relaxation, stick with cool colours such as green or blue. If you want sexy or vibrant, choose warm colours such as red or orange. Create a sophisticated enclave with soft yellows. Add black for a dramatic effect and a touch of elegance and mystery or play it safe with neutral colours which will add balance and longevity to a scheme.

Choose a style of bedding that accurately matches your personality. Just because bedding may work for the room does not mean it is right its occupant. If the style preference is contemporary, then choose bedding with clean lines and unfussy details. Embroidery, jacquards, and some patterns are more traditional. Add decorative pillows in accent colours for a dramatic touch. Don’t forget the mood you are creating and keep the bedding formal or casual depending on your goals.

We spend about a third of our lives in the bedroom so find a type of bedding which helps send you on your way at night and then starts you off again with a smile. Make your bedroom your place of escapism, somewhere you can forget the worries of the world and indulgence in a little you time.

Choose high quality bedding for its durability and luxurious look. High thread count sheets in Egyptian cotton are good indicators of high quality linens, but other fabrics are offered in luxury linens as well such as silk, linen, and organic cotton.

I spend a lot of time showing people how to save money but in this instance scrimping must go out of the window. The quality of sleep that you get each night determines how you will perform at work, how alert you are whilst driving or performing tasks, it affects how well you interact with colleagues, friends and even family- it is not something you can afford to compromise.

So when it comes to bedding- spoil yourself! Always go for the highest quality sheets and bedding you can reasonably afford. Bargain bedding will fade and loose its lustre, costing you more in the long term. Dress your bed with quality linens in the right colour and style for you and your decor and you will have a private sanctuary that you will love for years.

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