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Will a throw keep me warm during winter? Or do I need a proper blanket?

Before this question can be answered perhaps it would be a good idea to think about the difference between a throw and a blanket and this will allow you to make an informed decision as to whether a throw will keep you sufficiently warm in winter or whether you need a proper blanket. Both throws and blankets can be made from a huge variety of materials from wool, silk or cotton to man-made chemically manufactured fabrics like rayon or polyester.

It might be wise at this point to be sure that you don’t have any allergies or reactions to any of these fabrics as it would be a shame to purchase a new throw or blanket only to find that touching it gives you itchy skin or a rash. If in doubt it is generally a good option to go for a natural fabric like cotton, silk or wool, and although these will probably be more expensive the quality of the finished product will be extremely durable and hard wearing.

Two Pairs Of Feet Poking Out Of A Throw, In Front Of A Raging Log Fire

Bed cover considerations

But back to the question. A blanket can come in a variety of sizes and because a blanket is primarily designed as a bed cover then the sizes are quite obviously dictated by common bed sizes. That means that your blanket can come in a basic single which would measure 90cm x 190cm, a double which would measure 137cm x 190cm or king size 152cm x 198cm. Another thing to think about is where you will be using your throw or blanket and what amount of use it will get.

Modern Bedroom, With Pallet Bed Painted White, Covered In A Throw And Duck Egg Cushions

If you want the warmth on your bed once you have retired for the night then perhaps a proper blanket is a good choice as it will cover you completely and can be left in-situ when you make the bed in the morning. Remember that you can use a smaller blanket, or indeed a throw, on your bed if you want and just keep it folded up and ready just in case the night turns colder or your feet start to feel chilly.

Throws for convenience

A colourful blanket or throw can give a bedroom a warm cosy feel when draped across the bottom of the bed and the huge choice of colours and designs available means that you can easily find one to compliment your existing décor. However, you might just want a little added warmth on a winters night when you are relaxing watching TV or perhaps reading if the temperature drops a little low. Perhaps you are prone to cold feet or legs or just feel a stray draught now and again. At those times then it would probably make better sense to opt for a smaller more manageable throw that can easily be positioned over your feet. In the daytime your throw can be used as a decorative addition to your rooms décor and be draped over a sofa or chair to add a little colour.

Teal Throw Draped Over Grey And White Striped Bedding

The option of a throw can also give you the added benefit of being easily transportable, neither too bulky or too heavy to use in other places around the home. For instance if a family member is feeling unwell sometimes a light throw will be a good option for a snuggle blanket to give that extra little comfort. A throw can also be used by children when they lie on the floor to watch TV or play, as they frequently do. Whatever your need there is a solution and you just need to ask yourself a few relevant questions before making a final decision as to whether you choose a throw or a blanket to keep you warm in winter.

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