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Can I get matching cushions to accompany my throw?

At Terrys Fabrics, we have a wide variety of throws and cushions. In fact, many of the throws come with matching cushions. You'll find those in the product description area under colour choices and matching products. However, there are other ways to find matching or complementary colours to match your throw. If you go to the cushion section and select the colour you want, you'll find a wide assortment of cushions in that colour. Choosing one that goes with your cushion isn't always easy, but you do have the Terry's no quibble return policy, so even if they don't quite match, you can return it.

Matching throws with print cushions

If your throw is a print, you have a wide variety of choices from which to select. You can pull any one of the colours from the print for your cushions. A floral print may offer a wide variety of choices from which to choose, but other prints may also offer several options. Finding the best colour to use from the print requires you to look at the rest of the décor in the room. If you have focused on a specific colour, pulling complementary colours accents the room décor, while using the primary room colour creates a flowing effect.

Pink Salmon Throw Draped Over Light Grey Sofa, With Matching Grey And Pink Cushions

The reverse is true. Finding a cushion with a pattern containing the colour of the throw can add to the style and décor. You can create a grouping of cushions with a wide variety of textures and colours, making the colour of the throw part of the grouping.

Colour combinations

The throw and pillow combination doesn't have to match even if there are no patterned fabrics in it. It can be soft pastels to add colour to a creamy sofa and décor or brilliant red, black and white cushions and throws for a black and white room. When working with wood tones, use other earthy tones for cushions and the throw or accent with a feel of a beach scene. It helps to open your choices and make your room more interesting when you blend several colours or a monochromatic selection of tones, particularly if you have a neutral tone room. Certain colours add to a specific ambiance for the room. Blue tones make it more relaxed and sedate, just as green does, while yellows, red and orange add energy. If you want to add a little life, use a splash of the energy colours by adding a cushion of yellow, red or orange.

Beige Tartan Throw Draped Over A Beige Sofa, With Two Geometric Cushions On Top Of The Throw

To make the room more relaxing, add a few blue or green cushions or a blue or green throw. Colours such as red are more difficult to match, because they vary in undertone by the amount of yellow or blue used in them. You don't have to match the cushions and throws exactly, using a monochromatic approach keeps it interesting.

In fact, you'll probably find that if your cushions and throw match perfectly, you'll want to purchase a few extra cushions of varying colours or patterns just to add interest to the design. Try mixing colours and designs if you don't find the exact match to your throw and you'll be happy with the results.

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