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How to use a throw to offer some protection from pet damage

Many households these days will have at least one pet and quite a few of us have several, be it dogs, cats, gerbils, mice, or rats or a mixture of all of the above we Brits love our animals. The family pet generally has free reign around the house and home and often is allowed to sleep on chairs, sofa’s and even beds.

The family pet might be extremely well behaved and obedient but any and all animals will leave their mark upon your home over time. This will depend obviously on the amount of free reign they have and whether they are the sort of pet that sneaks onto a chair when you leave the room and then pretends to be invisible on your return. Or the sort of pet that just likes the comfort of their favourite chair.

Young Girl Looking At Her Golden Retriever Dog, Both On Top Of A Cream Sofa

Pets and furniture damage

There is obviously a price to pay for being an animal lover and keeper, and that price is generally exacted on your furniture and carpets. Pets are wonderful and they bring a fantastic dimension to our lives that enriches and enhances us but the cost to our homes can be huge in terms of wear and tear on sofas and chairs.

There are some of us who do not feel the need to bring pets into our houses and these people have the luxury of having a pristine home and probably garden too but those of us who share our living space with a pet will understand the frustrations of having a moulting dog or a cat that likes to sleep on any and all surfaces, especially the ones that are a complete colour contrast, think along the lines of a black cat who loves to sleep on a cream coloured chair and you'll immediately know the problems this can cause.

Two Dog Noses Poking Out From Under A Cream Throw

Throws to minimise pet damage

All of the above considered, there are ways to minimise the damage that an animal can cause to your furniture and one of these ways is to use throws. A good throw has become an addition to most households these days and the variety of choice in colour, design, size and cost have made the throw very popular indeed.

A throw is a very useful item to have around and not only can it be used to add colour and style to your décor but it can also be used for a warm snuggle rug for your feet at night or it can be taken into the garden for a picnic rug or draped over a chair or sofa to give protection from mucky children and of course pets. When you consider how much a good sofa or chair can cost it makes sense to protect these items from wear and tear for as long as possible. After all it is a lot easier and cheaper to wash a throw than it is to have a sofa cleaned or to have to hoover up animal hair every day from your couch. Just give your throw a good shake and put it back in place ready for your pet to curl up onto.

Beige Tartan Throw On top Of a Grey Sofa

Considering throw costs and pet usage

However, if you are going to use a throw for protecting furniture and are going to allow your pet or pets to sleep on it then perhaps you might like to consider a low to medium priced throw, as some of the hand made throws or throws made from materials such as silk or soft wool can be extremely expensive to buy. A throw of this quality is not designed to be constantly washed and might in fact need specialist cleaning so would not be a practical choice for your needs. Opt for a throw that is robust, versatile and durable, let it enhance your décor and help protect your furniture from being ruined by your pet.

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