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Do throws come in a number of different size? What sizes are available?

Throws come in a number of different sizes, just as they come in different materials, designs and colours. In most cases, throws are smaller than blankets, but that's not always the case. One popular size of throw is 120cm X 150cm, but there are a number of other sizes. In fact, some throws come in several sizes to give you more selection and help you find the perfect size for your needs.

Some can be as large as 228.6cm X 254cm or even larger. These types of throws are often used to cover entire pieces of furniture, such as a couch. You'll often find these throws have matching cushion covers, too. These throws can be perfect ways to change your entire décor without purchasing new furniture.

White Throw Over A Very Low Bed, With Teal And Grey Cushions

Larger throws to cover your sofa

If you have a special need, such as to cover an entire sofa, you'll want to look for the perfect size for that need. Measure the length of the sofa, including the amount you want to hang over the sides. Do the same for the height of the sofa. Make sure you go from the floor, over the seating area and up the back with some left over to go down the back, if the sofa is against the wall, or cover the entire back if it's in the middle of the room. You can get a cover for the chairs in the room, using the same measuring technique, and even get matching cushion covers. For a minimal amount of money, these throws can add years to your furnishings, change the décor, make it festive for the holidays or even hide stains, burns or holes.

Grey Throw Over A Beige Sofa, With Three Matching Cushions

Smaller throws for around the home

Small microfibre or fleece throws are ideal leg covers for chilly evenings, but also come in a wide variety of designs and colours to add interest to your room. You can fold these over a headboard easily for a new look for the bedroom or use them over the arm or back of the chair where they'll always be ready for use and to add extra colour and design. These smaller throws often don't drape as nicely as larger ones do, but still can be used for that. In between the extremely large and small throws you'll find a wide variety of sizes. There are sophisticated knitted ones that make rooms look cosy, while adding a high end touch to the décor. You can add whimsical throws or themed throws to give a finished look to any room in the house. The size of throw you need depends on where you put it and the people that will use it.

Green Throw On Funky Desk Chair, Next To Bedside Drawers

Throws are perfect for a child's room. It not only adds colour and style to the room, it's soft and comfortable when a child needs a small coverlet when napping or as a lightweight alternative to heavy blankets. It can be an additional blanket when extra covers are necessary, but also stores well in a small area. Throws are available in a variety of sizes, with the most popular being 120cm x 150cm.

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