Cutting Roller Blinds

Keep in mind that roller blinds are designed to provide flexible levels of privacy for a room as well as variable amounts of light and heat to enter the area depending on whether these are up or down, closed or open. So, cutting roller blinds is an art and a science in many ways - you must apply your do-it-yourself skills and use accurate tools for measurement to achieve the best results.

Too long and you will repeat the process. Too short and you have defeated the purpose of the blinds. The bottom line: Use the right measurement and cutting tools when re-sizing ready-made roller blinds.

• Lay the roller blinds flat - Place a piece of clean cardboard on a flat surface, say, the floor, and unroll the blinds. Check that the roller blind material, which can be fabric or plastic, including its round top is placed near or at the top of the cardboard.

• Affix the brackets - Fix the brackets into their desired position on the window. This way, the roller blinds can be immediately installed instead of lying around on the floor, thus, becoming a hazard to others.

• Make the measurements - Measure from one outside edge to the other outside edge of the brackets and then record the measurement.

Deduct approximately 2 to 3 millimetres from the bracket-to-brac​ket measurements. But if the roller blinds are going into the recess, then 1 centimetre will suffice for a perfect fit. Just make sure to consider the width of the brackets in determining the amount to be trimmed from the blinds.

Tip: Use a metal woodworking measuring tape because it provides for more accurate measurements and flexibility in use than a plastic tailor's measuring tape. Use a straight edge ruler, the one used by engineers and architects, if it is available.

• Make the mark - Place one side of the measuring tape on top of the roller blinds' round top (i.e., the one with the metal pin). Scroll the tape to the roller blinds' required length and mark at several places using a marker. Make a straight line with a straight ruler following the marked places on the roller blinds' width.

• Make the cut - Cutting roller blinds at this point should be easy. Just cut along the marked line all the way to the rod; do the cutting slowly so as to preserve the material and to ensure a straight line.

Use the sharpest scissors to ensure safety and accuracy when cutting the blinds. It must be emphasised that using dull scissors increases the risks for injuries because of the extra effort necessary to cut through the material, not to mention that the results will be unsatisfactory (i.e., more jagged edges).

Trim off the excess materials from the edges for a more polished finish. Use a hacksaw to cut off the roller blinds' rod and then polish off the edges with sanding paper, if necessary.

Now, you can hang up the roller blinds! Be sure to clean up the work space and keep the sharp tools in a safe place after cutting roller blinds.

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