Why should I buy a bed online with Terrys Fabrics

We are always proud to tell all the good reasons that shopping at Terrys Fabrics makes sense. Of course, one of the big reasons is our vast inventory that you might not find in a traditional brick and mortar store. We carry a wide variety of beds that suit almost every taste and they're priced at the lowest possible price to help your budget. At Terrys, we're proud of the fact that we take the time to search through the thousands of manufacturers to find those that offer quality products at an affordable price. We're also happy to say we accomplish our goal, so you'll get more for your money when you shop at Terrys Fabrics.

Shopping without pressure

There's no sales pressure either or lengthy driving from store to store. You can cruise through our inventory at your leisure. Many of our customers either bookmark beds or put them in their basket to look at later, giving them more research time and time to contemplate their purchase. You can get the bed measurements and measure the room to insure it's a good fit.

If you're like most people, you'll want to do this several times before sending your order, just to be certain. You'll never be talked into getting something more expensive than you can afford, but will still have customer service representatives an email or phone call away to help you. Unlike shopping in person, you'll have time to think of the questions you want to ask and look through the information to see if the answer is already there before you purchase.

Quibble free guarantee

Terrys Fabrics offers a quibble free guarantee and customer service to help with any problems you may have. If there's a defect in the bed you ordered, we want to know about it first. While each package is inspected before it's shipped, sometimes things happen. We want to make it right and have you happy. You also can return the item if you find for any reason it simply doesn't meet your expectations, as long as it's done in the first 28 days and you have the original packing, plus proof of return.

Price matching

We do price matching and are always having sales to offer quality products at lower prices. Even though our prices are already low, you may be able to get the bed of your dreams at even lower prices. We want to earn your business, so if you find something at another website that's the same item, but at a lower price, ask us to match the price by using the price match icon and fill in the details. We'll get back to you within three days. We want to give you more for your money and are always looking for ways to do that.

Responsive customer service

We have a responsive customer service department that will help you with all your questions and concerns. You, our customer, comes first when you shop at Terry's. They can help with all the details and questions you may have before you order if you don't find the answer in the FAQ section. They also are available after you've ordered to answer any questions and help you with specific problems. At Terrys Fabrics, you have another option besides ordering online. If you want to see the bed for yourself, we have brick and mortar stores. It can be extremely convenient to choose the bed you want at home and then view it before ordering. We're always glad to help you in any way possible, whether it's in person or online.

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