What's the best way to store my bedding and bed linen when it's not being used

Many people change out bedding as the seasons change. One question that comes to mind is what should be done to ensure the bedding remains fresh and crisp during those months in storage. Here are some tips that will ensure the bedding and bed linens are kept in perfect condition.

Everything is laundered or dry cleaned first

Before any other steps are taken, every piece of the bedding or bed linen should be cleaned thoroughly. Whilst it is true that the duvet cover may have been laundered a couple of weeks ago, it must be done again before being placed in storage.

Bed Storage Options

Always follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. As a general rule, bed sheets and pillow cases can be laundered at home. Larger items like duvets, blankets, duvet cover sets and quilted bed covers should be dry-cleaned. If the bedding is fresh when it’s placed in storage, it will be fresh when the time comes to retrieve it.

Investing in bedding bags

Bedding bags are designed for storing various types of bedding for extended periods of time. Choosing the right bag involves paying attention to the materials that compose the bedding. For example, natural fibres do need some amount of airflow in order to remain fresh. Vented bags are ideal for this purpose. Don’t forget to consider where the bedding will be stored. If the plan is to store it in some type of rented facility, make sure the chamber is climate controlled. That will ensure the bedding is not exposed to excess heat, cold, or humidity. When the idea is to store the bedding in a trunk in the attic, make sure the bag is treated to ensure that the linens are not exposed to the damp. Doing so will minimise the potential for mould and mildew to develop.

How about airtight vacuum storage?

There are special storage bags that are designed so that users can place folded linens inside and then extract the air before sealing the bag. Essentially this produces flatter bags that can be stored with greater ease. If the plan is to store larger amounts of linen in a small closet, this approach works well. The lack of air in the bag will not harm most types of synthetic fibres or fibre blends. What will happen is that when the bag is opened, the bedding will begin to inflate upon contact with the air. There may be come wrinkles to iron out, but that’s usually not a difficult task.

Bed Duvet

The primary concern is to ensure the bedding is thoroughly clean, either by machine washing or via a dry cleaners, before it’s stored. Any residue remaining in or on the bedding will only pave the way for problems such as mould, staining and bad odours later on. Investigate different bags and other containers for storage, and settle on a solution that will ensure the material of your bedding remains strong and sturdy.

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