How to make and layer the perfect bed

They say a that a perfect bed speaks multitudes about a person. Just as a person’s room is a reflection about the person living in it, so is the bed also a reflection of a person’s character. To perfectly layer and make your bed every morning may seem an arduous task to perfect, but it’s worth all the effort once you master this skill.

A well made bed, speaks of a well-organised person who likes to finish minor tasks to the best of their abilities. If you’re looking for ways to make and layer the perfect bed, follow the hints and tips below:

Gather What You Need:

  • Mattress Protector
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet (optional)
  • Duvet
  • Duvet cover
  • Throw / bedspread
  • Head pillows (inside a pillow case)
  • Body pillow (optional)
  • Accent pillows
  • Bed runner (optional)

Iron your bedding – If you want to have crisp linen to cover your bedding, the secret is to iron before using them. Remember that pressed linen is the secret to having a beautiful bed.

Making the perfect bed using a duvet

  1. Cover the mattress with the mattress protector – Place the fitted sheet on the bedding to cover the protector completely.
  2. Flat sheet (optional) – Place the flat sheet over the bed. Leave ample space at the top to fold the sheets over the top of the duvet. Be sure to tuck in the remaining sheets under the mattress by making crisp hospital folds at the bottom corners of the bed. (see below 'How to make Hospital Corners').
  3. Duvet – Put the duvet inside your chosen cover and place the covered duvet on top of the sheet/s and make sure that there is an even distribution on both sides, top and bottom.
  4. Tuck the bottom part under the mattress as this will help it stay in place and give a neater appearance if you have a foot board on your bed. If your bed doesn't have a foot board an even amount draping over the end of the mattress will look equally as sleek and neat.
  5. Place your pillow arrangement at the top or headboard end of the bed
  6. To finish the look add a coordinating or contrasting bed runner or throw across the bottom section of the bed.

Making the perfect bed using blankets

  1. Follow steps 1 above
  2. Follow step 2 above
  3. Add a blanket/s – Spread the blanket at the centre and make sure to leave enough space at the bottom of the blanket so it falls below the mattress line. This way, you can tuck in the bottom edge beneath the bed.
  4. Tuck in the blanket and the top sheet tightly together.
  5. Cover the blankets with your chosen bedspread/throw making sure there is an even distribution falling down both sides.
  6. Add a bed runner to the bottom area (optional) and your pillows at the head of the bed to complete the look.

How to make Hospital Corners

Try to make the best hospital corners at the bottom. To do this, hold the edges of the sheet and blanket away from the bed, form a 45-degree at the corner of the bed. Lift the edge of the bedding and carefully tuck in the blanket and sheet beneath the mattress. Keep the bedding smooth and tightly tucked.

Add your Pillows

Begin by adding the pillows that you’ll sleep on, place them in pillow cases which match the duvet and plump them up for a more comfortable and inviting look. Place them in layers or prop them up in bed to add more style and drama to your bedroom design. It’s all up to you how you’ll design your bed, use colours to accentuate your theme, play with your pillow case designs to add life to your bed.

  • For a single bed, use 1 standard pillow
  • For a double bed, use 2 standard pillows
  • For a queen sized bed, use 2 Euro sham pillows
  • For a California King or King bed, use 3 pillows
  • For a Super King bed use 4 pillows

For hygiene you may wish to use a plain under pillow slip, this will help protect the actual pillow from dribbles and stains. Likewise, you may prefer to use more than one pillow for your head, adjust the number according to your personal preferences.

Tip: If you want a hotel style always place the pillows with the openings towards the centre of the bed. The reason for doing this is for a neat appearance as you walk into the room and look at the bed!

Ask yourself how tired are you at the end of the day and how much do you want to spend stacking pillows before you go to bed and replacing them when you get up? The fewer you have, the less intricate the layout and the quicker it is. Again, anywhere from three to six is a good number, but not set in stone. if you don't mind arranging pillows of various shapes and sizes it wise to use even numbers and then finish with a single, fancy style boudoir pillow at the front.

Practice making and layering your bed every morning when you wake up to give your bedroom the perfect makeover that it deserves. Doing so, will give you more reasons to feel more relaxed after a long day's work.

It's best to allow your bed to 'air' before making it each day. Simply place all of the top bedding over on itself to expose the bottom sheet. Allow as much time as you can before making the bed to give it a fresher smell and feel.

Here at Terry’s Fabrics, we can offer you with a stunning variety of creative designs for your bedding, including accessories and bed linens. You’ll definitely find that perfect match for your bedroom design from our wide array of styles and colour schemes – all in the best quality and the lowest prices!


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