How do I stack pillow and cushions to make my bed look stylish

Fashion bedding designs and the need to make a personal statement are what can make a huge difference in the room décor for most people. There are some who do not care how the colours fit together or when to change the simply horrid curtains and blinds for something more up to date and stylish.

For most of the rest of the population, the up and coming trends can involve inspiration for the ‘less is more’ theory. The trend is to have a more tailored, sleek look for the bedroom. This can be achieved with some interesting tricks and techniques that may look much more expensive but will allow you to keep within a modest budget while incorporating the best of the modern ideas.

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Assessing the available space

First of all, take a look at your style of bed and the amount of room to work with. Most bedrooms do not lend themselves to a great deal of room, so the best way to use the room you have is to make it work for you. The cool white of the duvet cover can be used, but pair it with the right shade of pillows, cushions and curtains to help create a solid foundation.

A whimsical or serious touch can be achieved with accessories such as a favourite bit of fabric strip or scarf lying across the bed. Traditional bedrooms, canopy beds, modern settings all can be used to show off the wide variety of colour and design in pillows and cushions. The reason these parts of bedding are important is to the viewer, the pillow and cushions because they are large and add volume to the bedding. If they are clean and neat, with designs you enjoy they can be stacked and placed in precise lines to make a formal statement.

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The difference between pillows and cushions

Typically pillows are what we lay our heads on to sleep. Cushions are the accessories that give the made bed a polished look. As mentioned straight lines give a formal look, while piling on top of each other in ascending size order also gives a more formal look. Cushions of various shapes and size can be randomly scattered at the top of the bed to give a more informal relaxed look. Even a single boudoir style cushion can be placed centrally to give bed a visual lift.

Combinations of patterns and textures can also be used via accent cushions to add even more visual interest and flair. The main point to remember when considering the style and arrangement of pillows is to make sure they are comfortable and look good. Pillowcases or shams in poor repair should be mended or regulated to the rag pile or up-cycled. Clean, tailored and crisp are the foundation lines for placing pillows and cushions for a trendy look that will have your friends copying your decisions in style.

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Colour vs size

The size of cushions and pillows are not as important as the decisions about colour and design. Incorporating the room look and colours into the bedding and accessories is one of the unique tricks that can be used to change the feel of the room. Use warm or cool colours or emphasise features about the room you like.

Above all, the bedroom should be a place where you can be comfortable and safe in. Personality and taste are to your benefit as you add the special touches that reveal things about yourself in the room. Try something new and take a picture, then redo if it doesn’t work, remember you can change your mind.

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