What branded bedding do you currently stock, and which are the most popular?

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At Terrys Fabrics we pride ourselves on our wide selection of branded bed linens and the vast diversity of styles from which to select. Whether you're decorating your own bedroom, creating a fun bedroom for the children or an attractive guest room, you're sure to find something you love. There are famous designer brands suitable for all moods and styles with a plethora of colours for any colour scheme.

Pink, Grey And Yellow Bedding

Branded bedding

We carry a list of names you'll recognise. Kylie bedding comes from the creative mind of Kylie Minogue, the Australian songwriter, singer and actress. You'd expect it to be glamorous and it is. It offers silky sheen and high quality materials in a stylish up-scale design that adds romance to any bedroom.

Kirstie Allsopp bedding fits her personality. As the spokeswoman for the real estate market, she has brought her love of family and homes to the most personal room in the house. Her collection is filled with vintage style bedding and provides a homey, cosy feeling for the bedroom.

Holly Willoughby bedding suits her renowned style. She's been a friendly face millions see on their television each day. Her bedding has sophistication and adds her own brand of charm to the bedroom. It's feminine and stylish.

Elizabeth Hurley bedding reflects the life and essence of the actress/model from the exotic to the glamorous. Hashtag bedding is fun, now and made for the modern generation. It offers quirky modern designs that will make you love every minute you spend in the bedroom. You'll love the cosy, homey comfort of the Emma Bridgewater collection, too.

American Freshman bedding is perfect when waving the American red, white and blue is a must. It's based on the colours and flags of that nation. Racing Green bedding has a British urban flair and a very contemporary British look. It's simple and stylish.

Janet Reger adds the feminine flair and style to her bedding that she offers in her nightwear and lingerie. Julian Charles and family has made it their life endeavour to bring up-scale home décor to the market at a low price but still maintain quality and elegance. The quirky style and brilliant design of fashion designer

Zandra Rhodes comes through in her bedding design with upbeat colours and styles that will make you smile. iLiv Collections brings the colours of nature to your bedroom with a refreshing earthy design. Blueprint bedding has such a wide variety of bedding, there's something to please everyone.

Changing Bed Linen

We also carry lovable Hello Kitty bedding that they're children are sure to love and bedding from the creator of such famous children's books as “James and the Giant Peach,” “The BFG,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and “The Gremlins,” Roald Dahl with a cast of characters from their favourite books. All of these are popular choices, depending on the style you want and the room you're trying to create.

Both Hello Kitty and the Roald Dahl collection are popular for children's rooms. In fact, many people buy their children the books that go with the Dahl collection. For adults, the sky is the limit with some designers such as Kylie Minogue having larger collections. We carry such a wide variety since everyone's taste in design is different, so we have something for everyone at a low price.

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