Beds code cracker – duvets and pillows

We've cut through the jargon of pillows, bedding and duvets so that you'll know exactly what you're buying.

Making The Bed

All seasons duvet - Ideal for use all year round an all seasons duvet is two duvets that can be used on their own during the warmer months or combined to make a warmer duvet for colder months.

Back sleeper pillow - Designed for people who like to sleep on their back. It provides support and comfort for the neck.

Clusterdown - Clusterdown is a fully washable Snuggledown pillow with a cushion soft surface and a 100% cotton casing.

Continental pillow - Square rather than rectangular used either for sleeping or as a decorative feature on a fully made bed.

Duck pillow/duvet - A pillow or duvet filled with soft, lightweight duck feathers.

Duvet - A duvet is a quilt filled with a synthetic fibre, down or feathers used in place of a top sheet and blankets.

Duvet cover - A fabric cover in which a duvet is placed. The duvet cover provides protection against dirt for the duvet. Covers are available in a wide choice of colours and designs.

Foam core paste tick pillows - A non-allergic polyester hollow fibre foam filling makes these pillows soft and huggable.

Front sleeper pillow - Designed for people who sleep on their tummies, a front sleeper pillow has a tapered edge to help hold the head at a natural angle.

Goose feather & down - A natural filling of goose feathers and soft down for pillows and duvets.

Hollow fibre - A synthetic lightweight fibre used to fill duvets and pillows.

Luxury microfibre - Made with finely spun synthetic fibres to provide a soft, hypo-allergenic, lightweight pillow.

Memory microfibre - The synthetic microfibre filling for pillows which moulds to support the head and neck.

New posture two way pillow - Produced by Snuggledown this pillow has a reversible design, with memory foam on one side and microfibre on the other.

Permafresh pillows - A polyester hollow fibre filling designed with a dust mite control element dust mite control element and also have a filling of polyester hollow fibre.

Pillow - A soft and comfortable place to lay your head when resting and sleeping.

Pillow case - A fabric cover in which a pillow is placed.

Pillow protector - A cover to help protect pillows for daily wear. A pillow case is placed on top of the protector for colour and pattern.

Pillow slip - Another name for a pillow case.

Pyramid pillow - Designed to provide support for the spine and relieve muscle tension.

Side sleeper pillow - Designed to align the head and neck for people who sleep on their side.

Snuggledown - A manufacturer of high quality duvets and pillows.

Thermofill - A soft, synthetic, machine washable filling for duvets and pillows.

Thermofill lite - A soft, lightweight synthetic filling for pillows that is machine washable.

Tog - Togs are used to signify the warmth a duvet provides. The higher the tog the warmer the duvet will be.

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