Is anti-allergy bedding available? And how does it prevent my symptoms?

Dust mites, fleas, and other parasitic insects are just some of the many culprits that cause an allergic reaction at home. Depending on the environment and location, these pests can cause a person to suffer an allergic reaction. If you don’t have pets at home, allergy sufferers will find that the main culprit are the faeces that the dust mites excrete.

The insect poop is what triggers an allergic reaction in those who are in the room. Not only are insects and dust mites the only ones that pose a threat to everyone’s health, the mould and mildew accumulated in the bedding through time can cause you to have allergy problems in the future. The moisture accumulated in the mattress that comes from perspiration creates an inviting environment for dust mites to settle in.

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Even if allergies are not really much of a problem for you, this is also a matter of good hygiene, sanitation and sickness prevention. Having the right mattress to use at home is crucial to your over-all health and wellness.

Choosing anti-allergy bedding

Anti-allergy bedding and mattress protectors feature tightly woven covers that act as a barrier which prevents things such as dust mites gaining access to the bedding. In addition to this – anti-allergy bedding is made with synthetic fibres as this is better for those who suffer with allergies and asthma.

Even better – because anti-allergy bedding is made with synthetic fibres it is actually much easier to wash and maintain than natural fibre fillings.

When it comes to anti-allergy bedding you can choose various different types – from mattress and bedding protectors which envelope your existing bedding to help seal it and protect it from dust mites to full anti-allergy duvets and pillows.

Choosing an anti-allergy mattress

What’s the best type of mattress to use if you are a high allergy sufferer? If you are prone to allergic reactions due to dust mites, latex mattresses without coils or springs and memory foam mattresses are your best friend. Coil and spring mattresses are considered to be the worst choices if you have high allergic reactions to dust, because the inner spring system of these beddings serves as the culturing ground for dust mite faeces and dead skin cells to accumulate. Also, moulds and mildew seem to find these mattresses favourable as well because of the humidity caused by the body heat as it emits on the mattress.

This is the main reason most of these mattresses weigh up to 10x heavier than its original weight after about a decade of use. Give your room and your health the rightful attention it deserves by buying only hypo allergenic mattresses. Choose from the wide number of hypo allergenic mattress brands that we have. Hypo allergenic mattresses have man-made fillings and natural fillings known as organic latex mattresses.

These latex materials contain natural hypo allergenic properties, allowing the material to breathe better keeping the mattress dry most of the time. This prevents dust mites, mildew and mold from infesting your mattress. In addition, latex contains anti-microbial properties, which keeps your bed clean and sanitised.

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