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Tools and equipment for assembling your bed

When you first receive your bed, it's normal to get excited and unpack it quickly. That's okay, but you need to make sure that you don't throw away any parts with the packing. Until you get the bed entirely assembled, keep all packing. While the manufacturers and we at Terrys Fabrics attempt to keep everything packaged for easy identification, sometimes packages open inside the box, allowing important pieces to be mixed with the packing material. Keep everything, including papers and packing you'll discard later, in one central location. Get your instructions out first.

Following instructions and required tools

Read your instructions thoroughly before starting the assembly process. Normally, one or two types of screwdrivers are used, a flat head screwdriver or a Phillips, also known as a cross head, screwdriver. The flat head screwdriver is also known as a slotted screwdriver. The slotted screwdriver is just a simple single blade that goes into a single slot, while the cross head or Phillips is pointed with four edges creating a cross and the screw having a cross shaped opening.

Most beds only require one or both of these tools, but some may require other tools. In many cases, these are included with the bed. They may be an Allen key, also called an Allen wrench, which looks like a metal L that has a hexagonal head at each end. It also may include an open end wrench, also known as an open-ended spanner. Occasionally, some beds require a hammer. In most cases, a traditional claw hammer will do.

Many beds contain all the tools you need for assembly, but those that don't, use tools you'd normally have in your home already. The most important part of the process is carefully reading the instructions and matching all the parts with the parts shown on those instructions to insure everything is enclosed. While it doesn't happen often, sometimes a part can be missing, so after thoroughly checking all the packing, if you find a part is missing, you can either call the manufacturer or Terrys Fabrics to get a replacement part. We want you to be happy, so we'll do our best to ensure you are.

Always keep the instructions for later reference. You may find them helpful if you need to dis-ensemble the bed to move it else where or should you move home.

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