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Glossary of bed related phrases

There are so many different words and phrases when you're talking about bedding. To make it even worse, we're becoming a united world when shopping, thanks to the internet, and each country has its own name for the same type of bed, for example in France a queen size beds measures the same as a king size one in the UK.

Here are some common terms you'll see when you're shopping for beds or bedding.

Size Is Important When It Comes to Beds

Small Single bed: Mattresses are 90 to 91cm x 190cm, approximately 35” X 75”. These are often for young children and will only sleep one comfortably.

Large Single/small double: Is larger than a small single, but smaller than a standard double. They are ideal for older children, teens and single adults. They are also known as three-quarter beds and measure 120cm x 190 cm (47”X 75”). These are good choices for older children and single adults.

Standard double: Mattresses (also known as full bed) measure 135 cm X 190 cm (53”X 75”). They're appropriate for two.

King size: Are 150 cm X 200 cm (60”X79”) and extra king is 180cm X 200 cm (70”X 79”). These are a more comfortable choice for two sleeping adults.

Super King size: These are the largest beds available, (larger beds can be custom made by some manufacturers). They measure 116cm x 192cm x 232cm and are ideal for those who like to have their own sleeping space and yet want to share a bed with a partner.

Beds Components and types

Bed frame or frame: holds the mattress and bedding. It can be wood or metal.

Canopy beds: have posts that are at least 4 feet tall or could be even taller. They hold a decorative cloth cover that acts like a faux ceiling for the bed.

Divan beds: have storage drawers underneath the main frame.

Footboard: is the upright panel at the end of the bed.

Futon: is both a bed and a sofa. It serves as a sofa by day and folds out to be used as a bed when necessary.

Four poster beds: may be the base of a canopy bed or stand alone with tall posts at each corner.

Headboard: is the upright panel at the head of the bed.

Ottoman beds: work on a hinged mechanism that lifts the entire mattress to provide storage space.

Platform beds: are designed with raised base which allows for air-flow under the mattress.

Spearheads: are the rails on the side of the bed, which connect the headboard to the footboard.

Storage beds: are another name given to Ottoman beds.

Twin bed: is another name for a standard single bed. They are typically used in conjunction with an identical bed, hence the name 'twin', and are designed for adults who wish to share a bedroom, but not the same bed.

These are the most common names when talking about beds. Mattresses and bedding are then added to the bed making it suitable to sleep in.

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