What is the best temporary use bedding for when guests are visiting

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When you have guests, such as family and friends, as guests in your home, you want to give them the best possible accommodations so that they will feel at home. These accommodations will obviously include their bedroom arrangements, which start with the beddings especially the sheets, blankets and duvets and duvet cover sets. Here are a few useful tips for choosing the best in temporary bedding.

Use the good stuff

Regardless of whether your guests are staying for a single night or an entire week, you should provide them with the your best bedding. Think of it this way: You will create a favourable impression of your warm hospitality and, hopefully, the favour will be returned when you become their guest in the future.

Guest Bed And Suitcase

You don’t have to spend wads of money just to buy quality bedding since there are cost-saving measures like:

  • Be on the lookout for sales and promos since discounts can be enjoyed by up to 50%, perhaps even higher.
  • Pay attention to the fabric, thread count and hand feel of the bedding. Experts recommend 100% cotton, a 300-400 thread count, and with a soft hand-feel. Keep in mind that you will also likely use the bedding so it makes sense to get the best within a reasonable budget.
  • Choose a down alternative duvet over a down duvet because of its numerous benefits, such as its affordable price, similar cosiness, and hypo-allergenic quality as well as its ease of cleaning. While you may want to use the cheaper alternatives, you have to think of your guests’ comfort so choose the quality bedding.

Pay attention to the pillows

Be sure to check that the pillows are also clean and comfortable for the guests since these are crucial in a good night’s sleep. Pillows, after all, can provide optimum head, neck and shoulder support when these are of the right firmness, size and shape. As with the sheets, blankets and duvet, if the pillows are good enough for you, then it will likely be good enough for your guests.

Grey And Cream Bedding, Duck Egg Cushions

You should also achieve the right pillow-to-bed ratio – too many and your guest will have no space to sleep, too little and your guest will not enjoy optimum support. You may apply a simple ratio:

  • Two standard pillows and a Euro pillow will suffice for a twin bed
  • Four standard pillows and two Euro pillows for a queen bed
  • Four king pillows and two Euro pillows for a king bed Euro pillows are the larger and sturdier pillows that can be used for sitting up in bed while reading or watching television.

If possible, you can also pad the mattress to add comfort and warmth especially during the winter season. You can also use a mattress padding in case you cannot afford a new mattress for your guest. You should also layer the bedding for more comfort and convenience.

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