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Will a throw work as top blanket on my bed?

Throws come in all sizes and the larger ones can be an option as a top blanket, particularly when topping a plain white duvet. They add colour and interest to a bedroom and design to a room. Many of the throws are lighter in weight and are perfect top blankets for the summer, spring or autumn when you may not need anything extremely warm.

What is a throw?

The definition of a throw is a small blanket, but that's not always true. Some are as large as regular blankets and make a great addition to your bedroom décor, doubling as a light top blanket. Finding the right size of throw is important. Not all will work for every bed. Taking bed measurements is important before going this route with a throw.

Teal Throw Draped Over Grey And White Striped Bed

Larger throw sizes

The throw should be large enough to cover the top and sides of the bed and long enough so it hangs over the end and reaches the top, just as a regular blanket might. Generally, throws tend to be smaller than blankets, so they may not be exactly what you want for your bed cover in most cases. At Terrys Fabrics, we do have larger throws that could work as a blanket for a single bed or full size bed. Throws may fit some of the larger beds, such as kings, but they won't have much fabric hanging over the edge and you may be unhappy with the coverage.

White Interior Bedroom With Teal, Grey And Cream Cushions On The Bed

Taking measurements is critical to getting a good fit for your bed and creating a beautiful look. Throws for decoration One of the best features of the throw over a blanket is the versatility. They provide a decorative appearance, rather than merely being functional.

Many blankets have a silky binding at the top, identifying them strictly as functional. Throws, on the other hand are made to drape furniture, beds and sofas, so they are extremely decorative. Larger ones are often used as top blankets or spreads that add style an a soft quality to the decoration. They're also far more snugly than a bedspread, which is often stiffer and more formal. They are a stylish alternative to other bed toppers. As long as you check the size of the throw, you will be safe using it as a light bed top cover. However, if you find you aren't satisfied, we do have a no quibble return. The other nice part of using a throw for the bed is that it's versatile enough to use in another room. You can drape it over a chair or a sofa and use it as a light cover for chilly nights without turning up the heat. They're wonderful for a sun or day room or even on patio furniture for chilly summer nights.

Maroon, White And Grey Cushions On A Bed With Grey Runner Over The Bed

These versatile additions to your décor take up little space for storage and add to the stylish look in each room. We carry a wide variety of designs and colours and have matching cushions to carry your colour scheme even further. Have fun mixing and matching the cushions and throws to get the perfect combination for your bedroom.

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