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My children are likely to stain my sofa, will a throw help to maintain it?

Let’s face it these days a new sofa can be a very large expense for any household and when there is a chance that the younger members of the family might accidentally ruin it then it makes sense to take some precautions. Little fingers seem to be nearly always sticky no matter how often they are wiped and even when those fingers are bigger they seem to leave stains and marks everywhere.

Your sofa will probably be treated with a stain retardant when you purchase it and this will give some protection from day to day stains and normal usage, but when children or pets are allowed anywhere near your sofa then stain retardant will not be enough to prevent the occasional accident.

Teenage Girl Stretching On A Grey Sofa, Covered In A Green Tartan Throw

Most stains are fairly manageable and if treated immediately there should be no lasting damage, however there are some things that are too difficult to remove, like dark coloured drinks, some sweets and even chocolate.

All things your child will love to carry around with them whilst managing to leave traces on practically every surface within reach. Some people may well consider that children and pets should be banished from certain rooms of the house, and although this might seem to be a good idea when you think about maintaining your décor the days of children being confined to a nursery room are probably long gone in most families.

Protecting furniture using throws

So what can we do to protect our lovely furniture and keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible whilst still allowing our children free access to most areas of the house. Well throws may well be the answer you are looking for. Throws today have become an integral part of room décor and can be found in a huge variety of sizes, colours and fabrics. No matter what your chosen room decoration and furnishings you will be able to find throws that will match and bring a new depth to your room. You can find throws made from wool, silk, chenille or cotton and in practically every colour and pattern that you can imagine so the colour or style you want will definitely be available. Take some time out to browse online to check out what choices you have before you commit.

Dimly Lit Sofa Covered In a Beige And Grey Tartan Throw

How to use a throw

Once you have your new throw don’t be afraid to experiment with it, throws can be draped across sofas and chairs to give an elegant look whilst also giving the benefit of protection from sticky fingers and moulting pets. You might want to match the colours exactly or mix it up a little with some bright contrasting throws to give a different feel to your room. A nice snugly throw is also useful for those colder nights when you just need a little something over your feet while you watch TV or sit in your favourite place to read. And in the morning just rearrange it on your sofa and voilà your stain barrier is back in place ready for the day ahead.

Living Space With Large Windows, Large White Sofa Adorned With A Deep Red Throw

Another benefit of using a throw in this way is that should an accident happen, and at some point it is inevitable, it is a lot easier to wash a throw than it is to clean a sofa. Just bear in mind that some throws depending on how they are made and what they are made of, can be rather expensive and if your throw is going to be washed on a fairly regular basis then perhaps it would be prudent to go for a mid or low priced option that is machine washable.

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