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What materials are throws usually made of?

Throws come in a number of different colours, styles and materials. There is no one particular material used to make a throw. These small blankets were often hand knitted or crocheted and used to decorate, and created for the practical purposes of providing a bit of warmth when the weather was cooler or protect furnishings. Those throws were passed from generation to generation and often became family keepsakes, proudly displayed in both the bedroom and more public areas of the home. These throws were often made of wool. There are all types of fabrics used, including fur and faux fur throws, each with it's own benefit and disadvantage.

Microfibre, cotton, linen and bamboo

Today, throws are made of microfibre, cotton, linen and even bamboo. If you can think of a fabric, you'll probably find a throw made from it. Today, microfibre throws are very popular because they're very inexpensive and come in a wide variety of colours and designs. They're warm and snugly, but can add colour and style to any room in your home. Microfibre is extremely soft and folds up compactly for storage. They provide a great deal of heat for such a lightweight material.

Yellow Throw Draped Over A White Faux Leather Sofa

Cotton throws are also popular.They're easier to keep looking beautiful than wool and can be easily washed. These are often lightweight and have a soft, warm cosy feel. Unlike many synthetic fabrics, they don't generate static electricity or attract lint or animal hair. Cotton throws also have breathability, too. Cotton can be hand knitted providing a great deal of texture. You can use that texture to provide depth to your décor and interest to any room.

Man-made fabrics

Man-made fabrics, such as acrylic or polyester can be just as soft as cotton or natural fabrics, but don't have the breathability. However, they do have the advantage of being easy to maintain. Sometimes, throws are made of combinations of man-made and natural fabric to get the best properties from both of the materials.

How to use a throw

No matter what type of fabric, design or colour of throw you get, there are various ways to use a throw. You can fold a throw neatly and drape it over the back of the chair, tucking it in the seat cushion to create a new look, while also combining it with a cushion for a stylish appearance. It can protect the chair while adding style. It can be used to hide a stain that can't be removed and give a few more years of life to the furnishing. A throw can also be folded and used over the seat cushion for a different look or folded over the arm of a chair.

Modern Trendy Living Space With Beige Sofa In Front Of A Three Panel Window

A folded throw over the headboard of the bed makes a stylish addition to the bedroom. You can add warmth to the room while adding more colour or creating a contrast against the bed linens. Throws can also be a cosy addition to outdoor furniture and make a wonderful cover for chilly nights of star gazing when the sky is clear and beautiful. No matter what fabric you choose or where you use it, throws are an inexpensive addition to any decorating scheme that is also practical.

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