A throw is usually a smallish blanket, it can be made from a variety of materials like cotton, chenille, wool silk or man made fibres. The fabric used and the method of manufacture will all affect the style, softness and durability of your throw. Some throws can be quite expensive depending on the materials used and the type of weaving required in the manufacturing process. A throw can be either very useful or completely decorative depending on what you choose to do with it.

The purpose of a throw

Throws have been around for a very long time and have several uses. Originally a throw may well have been classed as a shawl used by ladies to just ‘throw’ across their shoulders when the weather turned cold, but in more modern times the throw became more of a household item and can now be seen in many homes as a decorative addition to a rooms colour scheme.

Throws come in a huge choice of styles, colours and shapes but usually they are about 1m x 1.5 m although it is possible to get both smaller and larger sizes. The fabric used in your throw will obviously affect its price, softness and durability with some throws made from silk or fine wool being quite expensive, whereas polyester or micro-fleece are very affordable.

How to use your throw

But back to the question of how to use your throw to best advantage, well, a colourful throw can add a touch of warmth to any room and just draping a throw across a favourite chair or sofa can give a look of homely comfort and style. If you have children a well positioned throw can cover a nice piece of furniture and is much easier to clean than a sofa or chair, this is true also of pets and it is a common practice to put a throw on a chair where the family cat or dog likes to curl up. Just bear in mind that it might not be wise to use a very expensive throw for this purpose as its life expectancy may well be fairly short. A machine washable throw is ideal for both of these uses.

A throw across the back of a chair is in easy reach for those nights when the air turns a little colder and can be easily draped across shoulders knees or feet to give some extra warmth and on those days when you’re not feeling too well a soft throw can be the perfect choice for snuggling into than a large blanket or bed cover, and again is close at hand.

Just place it back in its position after use and 'hey presto' it’s decorative again. Throws are often used on children’s cots and beds because of their size and shape. Also because they tend to be softer and cosier for wrapping tiny tots in.

Throws for decoration

It is possible to find themed throws for children’s rooms with characters from films, books or TV programs on them and these can be wonderful gifts with a personal touch. A throw across a child’s bed can encourage a good bedtime routine and add to the night time experience. That said throws are also quite often used simply for decoration and at certain times of year you will find throws with perhaps Christmas patterns or other designs. These throws can be used to simply enhance the seasonal look of your room and will probably be packed away when that season has passed.

Decorative throws can also be used as wall hangings or even to cover windows and doors. In fact a throw is an extremely versatile addition to your home whether you use solely for decorative purposes or to give warmth or protection to your furniture.

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