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Getting the vintage cottage look, using quaint window blinds

Vintage cottage offers a timeless interior design style that can be used in city and town houses, as well as those in the countryside. It has a classical look that captures times go by, when life was led at a slower pace than today. Vintage cottage interiors have home-made soft furnishings and accessories, although today you can get the look without having to have the knowledge or skills of handicrafts as designers have used these crafts as inspiration for designs on fabrics for window blinds.

Cosy Kitchen With Traditional Blinds

Inspired by Nature

Usually with a natural theme, quaint patterns are small, repeat designs depicting country scenes, including birds, animals, wild flowers and handicrafts. These patterned blinds coordinate well with plain white or cream coloured walls akin to white washed lime walls of yesteryear. Window blinds can make a visual statement and while they will add to the overall look when used as stand-alone pieces they should blend or match other soft furnishings such as cushions in the living room and bedding in the bedroom. this is not to say that everything should be identical, but it does mean that colours and patterns should be cohesive and balanced.

Roman Blinds

Made in the form of Roman blinds these countryside themed designs are ideal for every window in a vintage cottage home. For a more formal look in the living room traditional Jacquard designs will create a vintage feel.

Roman Blinds In Window

If you are unsure which roman blind will work best in your window then please try our new ViSULiZR app, which allows you to view our blinds in your window.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds can play a huge part in creating a country cottage look, especially the lighter woods such as pine, ash and beech. Off white or cream painted wood blinds will also work exceedingly well. To get an authentic vintage look try and avoid high gloss white paint finishes, as white gloss paints weren't available until after WWII.

Pretty Pastels

Pastel colours are ideal for creating a quaint vintage cottage look. Soft pinks, powdery blues, lilacs, lavenders and pale greens are all reminiscent of cottage garden flowers and will bring the flower garden inside your home effortlessly. Roller blinds in these soft hues and designs are perfect for smaller rooms, where they can be raised to expose the window and let natural light flood into the room.

Cottage Kitchen Appeal

Vintage cottage kitchens are in-vogue within the world of interior design. Kitchenalia, such as vintage copper jelly moulds and weighing scales with brass weights spring to mind, along with hand held kitchen equipments and old storage tins can all be added to get the look. At the windows pine wood blinds, either real wooden venetian blinds or faux wood aluminium blinds, which are resistant to humid atmospheres making them a good choice for kitchens, can be used to prevent prying eyes from looking into your home.

Venetian blinds with narrow slat widths are ideal for small vintage cottage windows. If you are fortunate not to be overlooked roller blinds are ideal for cottage windows, giving you unrestricted views to the beautiful outside world. There are numerous different quaint window blinds to choose from. each has its own endearing qualities to give your home a vintage cottage style.

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