Getting the shabby chic look with patterned and themed blinds

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Shabby Chic is a much loved interior design style that takes its name for the style of furniture and soft furnishings used. The style isn't about broken and tatty, but takes old items and accepts them for their aged look or deliberately adds signs of wear and tear to create the look. Some may say that Shabby Chic interiors are much like country cottage or French farmhouse, and yet although the style does take on some similarities, it is a style woven out of an eclectic mix of styles with a distinctive look that sets it apart from other styles.

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Old and worn out should never be confused for damaged and broken. In a Shabby Chic interior everything is fully functional, from the window blinds to the opening and closing of doors and drawers. Shabby is chic, but only when it is combined with the right colour scheme and accessories. The style takes planning, artistry and flair to get it right. Patterned window blinds are a great way to add a Shabby Chic look to any room in your home. Go for soft pastel colours and neutral creams and ivories, rather than white, as white is too harsh on the eye in a Shabby Chic home.

Choose patterns that have an almost vintage look, for example small dainty pink or red flowers on a duck-egg blue background or opt for fabrics with a faded look to their colour. You can use patterned blinds to make a visual statement or keep them in the background and let other aspects of the room take centre stage; either way the look of controlled shabbiness is in your hands.

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Themed blinds are also a good choice in Shabby Chic interiors. Go for natural themes of flora and fauna, tumbling leaves, umbrellas or even quirky animals, which will look fabulous in a child's room. Team the blinds with curtains to soften the straight lines and edges, or add a fabric covered pelmet to cover the top part of the window. Patterned vertical blinds are a practical and functional alternative to roller blinds, especially in sun rooms. Made from fabric, plain or patterned, vertical blinds in neutral cream or pastel shades are masters at creating the look while providing you with complete light control during the day and total privacy at night.

Keep them closed during hot days and they'll also help to keep a sun room cooler. In bedrooms patterned Roman blinds are an ideal choice. With the advantage of being made from a single piece of fabric you can choose the colour and pattern to suit. For those who love handicrafts, you can even make your own Roman blinds from a piece of old fabric. If you use Roman blind kits the whole process is simplified. Don't be misguided into thinking that you can grab an assortment of old furnishings and furniture and throw them into a room to get the Shabby Chic look – the result will be shabby but certainly not chic.

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