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Our guide to installing a blind to a skylight

Skylight windows are made by a range of manufactures; therefore it is necessary to know which brand your skylight window is. Velux are predominant suppliers of skylights, but there are other manufactures as well.

The first step in choosing your perfect skylight blind is to find out the make of your skylight and size – if you are getting a skylight newly fitted you can find this out from your supplier and if not there should be details on the window itself.

Velux Roof Blinds

Finding The Brand

You will find the manufacturers' mark on the identification plate located on the inside opening. Make a note of the code as you will need this to choose the right size blind or supply your measurements for made to measure blinds and many blind suppliers make blinds to fit the various models.


Skylight blinds used to come as a standard size to fit specific models however now you can get skylight blinds made to measure. Simply find out the measurements of your skylight and purchase made to measure blinds. You can choose from different styles, roller and venetian.


The frame is in separate parts, all you need to do is fit the parts inside the window reveal. The skylight blind operates in aluminium side channels with a cord system, which can be placed anywhere in the window. This enables you to use the blind in various open positions. For example, the blind can be fully retracted to expose the majority of the window, allowing the maximum amount of light to flood into the room. Alternatively, the blind can be pulled half way down the window to help reduce direct sunlight.

Velux Blinds


Skylight window blinds are available in two styles, roller or Venetian. Blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms as they will prevent unwanted light from entering the room. During the summer both styles of blinds can be closed to help prevent heat build-up. In offices Venetian blinds are a good choice as they give you complete control over the amount of incoming light by angling the slats. Angling the slats also means you can direct light away from work stations to minimise screen glare.


Both skylight Venetian and roller blinds are available in a range of colours, making it easy to colour coordinate with your décor or chose a contrast colour as an accent. Blinds are the ideal window dressing for skylight windows, providing a non-intrusive, sleek method of covering the window that is easy to operate.

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