Guide To Achieving A Nautical Theme In Your Bathroom With These Nautical Blinds

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

Your bathroom is one of the best places to introduce a set of nautical blinds since it the place where you can imagine sun, sand and sea coming together. You will find that a nautical theme suits its water-centred function while the blue seas, white clouds, and wave crests, as reflected on the tiles, blinds and furnishings, encourage a sense of relaxation.

Go Coastal Completely

With a coastal theme, your bathroom’s décor will be characterized by the colours of the sand, sun and sea – sky and sea blues, white to cream for sand, and yellows for a spurt of bright colour. These are accentuated by seashells, pebbles and driftwood collected from the seashore making a soft palette that encourages feelings of calmness and relaxation suitable for all ages. You can get the look by:

Nautical Bathroom Accessories

  • Painting the walls in or putting tiles with plain cream colours.
  • Highlighting the woodwork with either duck-egg or pale blue
  • Putting white bathroom furniture and fixtures, such as the bathtub, basins, and toilet
  • Installing soft oyster Venetian blinds or roller blinds in either cream or pale blue on the windows
  • Placing seashells, pebbles and driftwood as decorative items

Have Fun at the Beach

Children will love this theme because of the bright colours, fun accessories, and great toys. Even teenagers will have a ball when water sports accessories are added. Use the white walls as the background for the bright yellow and blue accents, such as yellow roller blinds or bright teal made to measure blinds fitted to the windows. Choose white bathroom showers, toilets, baths, and sinks, while the floors can either be in light brown to represent sand or light blue for the sea.

Made for Marine

You can go underwater with your nautical theme, too. You will have fun decorating with either a whimsical cartoon style (e.g., Ariel) or a realistic theme (i.e., actual underwater scenes). Install roller blinds with prints of underwater creatures or use plain green or blue roller blinds before adding framed images of underwater scenes on the walls. Use cool green or blue tiles on the walls and floors to represent the underwater world while the furniture are still in white.

Soar with Sailing

Children will love the sail boats bobbing on the bath while adults will like the nautical oars, knots, and anchors as decorations. Think of sailing while you’re taking a bath and you will be inspired. Go for pale blue and white walls although navy blue is also a possibility. The floors and ceilings can either be white or pale blue, too, although the bathtub, toilet and sinks are usually in white; the pristine colour makes the bathroom appear hygienic, which it should be. The blinds, which can be wood or faux wood Venetian or roller blinds, can also be in coordinated blue for a unified effect.

Get Maritime

Go for the classic white-and-blue stripes in keeping with the nautical theme. Depending on your preference, you can choose either a pale blue or a deep navy blue to create nautical blinds. Add maritime accessories and your bathroom is done.

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