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Kitchen blind ideas

More often than not there’s more to choosing the perfect blinds for your kitchen than we often realise, whether you’re decorating a newly purchased home or are just simply giving your kitchen a bit of a sprucing up with a fresh modern look and feel you maybe scratching your head at where to get started. There are a few things to consider before you pop out to purchase your own set of kitchen blinds so before you do here we’ve put together an easy to follow guide with plenty of kitchen blinds ideas to help find the perfect style and type of blinds just for you.


The first key point to consider when looking at kitchen blinds ideas is to look at the plan and arrangement of your kitchen space and highlighting where in your kitchen the windows are placed, by this we mean are they close or near to your sink? If so there are little things to think about for example are they potentially going to get wet or become damp from moisture which could also leave water stains on your lovely new blinds which is the last thing you’re going to want.

White venetian blinds at a kitchen window, above a shiny metal sink

To combat this problem rather than purchasing a fabric base set of blinds you might decide to go for a PVC coated fabric set, simply because this type of material is more durable in moist conditions and will keep your blinds in better shape in the area’s you place them as well as make it easy for you to clean them when you need to.

Secondly you should consider whether or not your blind’s are close to a cooker or area where you’ll be preparing homemade meals as you wine and dine with family, friends or guests. The point here is that certain materials used in a variety of blind styles can absorb cooking smells and odours as well as discolouration from cooking methods you might use such as for fried foods which contain grease particles whilst cooking.

Although if your kitchen has plenty of ventilation meaning lots of fresh air is flowing throughout getting rid of these everyday smells and such you have nothing to worry about and can then get down to picky the style, colour and pattern of blinds you’re looking for.


Now moving onto style there are a wide selection of kitchen blinds ideas for you to choose from giving you a broader variety of blind arrangements to look at, helping to identify that specific blind type you’re looking for. The positives of choosing blinds over curtains as a way of dressing your window space is that blinds are both practical, easy to use , easy to fit and tailor to any window size out there.

In this guide we’ve covered 3 basic types of blinds from the classic roller blind, vertical blind and last but not least the venetian blind. Below is a list of each blind style that you could bring into your kitchen with key points about each type to help you select which is the top choice for you.

Roller blind types

When it comes to kitchen blinds ideas; roller blinds are one of the popular blind’s of choice, not only are they super easy to fit and adjust however you’d like but available in a wide variety of colours and stylish patterns to suit your own personal tastes. As mentioned previously roller blinds can come in a mixture of material types such as the PVC coated fabric and also there are denser materials available that will help control the level of light you might want coming into your kitchen during bright summer days. In terms of cleaning and keeping your blinds in tip top condition roller blinds quite easy to clean, over time dust can settle meaning a quick vacuuming can help brush to brush this way.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds have to be one of my own personal favourites and are another great blind choice for any kitchen space. They’re not only lightweight, easy to fit and use but also great for filtering out the amount of light again you want to enter the room. Also if you’re concerned about your blinds holding everyday kitchen odours and smells the fact that these blinds are assembled from thin fabric layers makes it more difficult for odours to embed into the surfaces. However if during a spring clean you’re wanting to freshen things up these blinds are really easy to unclip , place into a cotton pillow case, clean in the washing machine and once that’s done you can simply hang them back up to air dry easy as that.

Venetian blinds

Last but not least are these fresh and modern Venetian blinds, these types of blinds are available in an assortment of material types such as aluminium and wood. So depending on your own personal style and taste if you want a much more organic and natural look in your kitchen choosing a wooden style venetian blind maybe the right choice for you. These types of blind would also look great with complimenting colour palettes of neutrals that you may have already brought into your room style so this is also something for you to consider. Another pro point about these is they’re easy to clean, using a damp cloth or duster you can keep on top of keeping your blinds in the best condition without it being too much of a chore.

Beige venetian blind at a kitchen window, with three planters on the counter top

Colour choice

One great point about bringing blinds into your kitchen is they come in a huge variety of colours for you to choose from that either coordinate or compliment the colour palette’s you’ve used in your kitchen area already. One great tip we have to ensure you’re 100% in love with the colour and pattern material of your choice is to request some free samples of material’s and fabrics available by the retailer and taking them home will help you compare and just visualise how well a certain shade, print style or size is going to work in your kitchen. The last thing you’d want is to fall in love with a fabric print that once hung up in your window space really doesn’t quite float your boat like it used to, so this is one easy way to ensure your blinds tick all the boxes.

We hope that this beginner home owner’s guide to finding the perfect blinds for your kitchen is helpful to you and gives you plenty of kitchen blinds ideas and the much needed tips and advice for you to confidentially go in search of the ideal blinds to use in your kitchen.

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