How to remove roller blinds

There are sometimes you may need to know how to remove a roller blind from the mounting bracket where it sits. There are a number of reasons why you may need to know how to remove a roller blind; to clean them, because it won’t open or because you want to replace it with a new blind all together. It is a relatively simple job, removing a roller blind.

Roller blinds are becoming a popular window design choice; they are available in a variety of stylish finishes and fabric options making them a great choice for any room in the house. As well as being stylish they are also super practical and easy to use. Once you know how they are also fairly simple to remove, clean and replace. If you’re wanting to know how to take down a roller blind, you just need to follow these simple steps.

A close up of a white roller blind header rail mechanism

Step 1: Close the roller blind

The first step in removing your roller blind from it’s mounting bracket is to put the blind back to the closed position. Pull the cord to ensure that there is no fabric covering the window and that the blind is completely closed. Closing the blind will make for easier removal and help to protect the blind as you remove it.

The cord of a light blue roller blind being adjusted by a person

Step 2: Removing the blind

Roller blinds should have a mounting bracket on either side; these brackets hold the blind in place. On one end will be a protruding piece of either metal or plastic which runs through the centre of the blind, holding it in its place. On the other end the bracket will clamp shut around the end of the roller. For the end with the clamp you should be able to swing open the clamp to be able to pull the blind forward. Pull the blind towards you and then you should be able to move it sideways to release it from the other bracket.

Step 3: Removing the brackets

If you’re just taking the blinds down to clean them, you will only need to remove the blinds, not the brackets. If you are replacing or completely removing the blind, you will have to remove them. They are usually attached by screws so simply unscrew the screws to release the brackets. Make sure you then fill any holes which need filling.

There you have it, that is how you take down a roller blind. If you are looking to replace your roller blind with something new, take a look at our collection of new roller blinds and roman blinds.

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