How to clean venetian blinds

There are a few different ways to clean venetian blinds. Generally, you should look to regularly clean these by dusting them to ensure they are well maintained. You should also ensure that you are giving your blinds a deep clean from time to time. A deep clean will depend on your venetian blind material; wooden blinds can be cleaned with a wood cleaner, whereas other materials can be cleaned used warm water and vinegar. It is best to remove venetian blinds and wash them in the bath as there will be more space, but this is not necessary.

Venetian blinds are a very popular window design, as the slats allow you to adjust the amount of light that enters the room. Venetian blinds are available in a wide range of materials and designs, making them suitable for most rooms. Being so frequently purchased, many people find themselves wondering how to clean venetian blinds. However, it is not as difficult as one may think. You may need to adjust your cleaning methods depending on the material of your venetian blinds, but other than that, we’ve got you covered.

Wooden venetian blinds are generally the most popular type. Venetian blinds can be used in any room in the house; they are typically preferred for use in kitchens, dining areas and living rooms and can work well when paired with curtains.

Blinds can often be forgotten about or missed when cleaning the house, however they collect dust and do need to be cleaned frequently. Venetian blinds are more likely to get dusty than roman blinds as they have more parts which attract dust; such as between the various slats.

Hence, giving them a quick dust from time to time is advisable. You can use a vacuum attachment for a helping hand; other than that it is a good idea to give them a deep clean from time to time to make sure they are living up to their full potential. Knowing how to clean venetian blinds can be a challenge if you’re a new owner, so we’ve put together a handy step by step guide to give you a helping hand.

Step 1: Before cleaning

Preparing your blinds for cleaning is important, as with venetian blinds it is essential that you are able to clean properly in between the slats. The first step is to completely lower the blinds and close them as though you are wanting to block out all the lights.

If you have curtains alongside the blinds, make sure to tie them back out of the way to avoid getting cleaning materials on them and to stop them from getting in your way. You can wash curtains in the washing machine if possible or give them a vacuum too to keep them looking fresh and clean.

Before you begin a deep clean it is a good idea to give the blinds a wipe over with a duster or even a dry towel just to get rid of any loose debris and dust.

Step 2: Dusting

The first step of cleaning is to make sure all the dust is removed from the blinds. To do this it is important to have a good dusting tool such as a dusting mitt. Feather dusters are great for reaching those higher spots but dusting mitts do a better job at spot cleaning. They work especially well for blinds as they allow you to reach those tricky spots. It is best to clean the blinds slat by slat and work from the centre outwards as this stops dust collecting on the blinds.

Make sure to dust the counterparts and the strings too. Keep changing your duster to avoid getting dust back on the blinds. Once you have completed one side, flip the blinds and repeat. For tougher dust and grime, you can use the upholstery vacuum attachment to remove the excess dirt and to reach every slat.

Step 3: Deep cleaning

Every so often it is a good idea to give your blinds a deep cleaning. This prevents stains setting and gets rid of any stains you didn’t notice. For wooden blinds you can use a wood cleaner and use a cotton cloth to remove the stains. For non-wooden blinds you can use a DIY mixture of warm water and vinegar. The general ratio should be a full bucket of water to about 60ml of vinegar but for tougher staining you can use equal parts.

Use a soft sponge or cloth to scrub the blinds. Make sure that once you’re done cleaning the blinds you dry them with a cloth. For tougher stains you can remove the blinds (if possible) and soak them in a mixture of liquid detergent, vinegar and warm water for around half an hour before scrubbing the blinds again.

This is generally best done in a bathtub as it has more space for the blinds. Once they have been soaked and scrubbed, rinse and air dry the blinds before putting back up.

Generally, a good dusting every month or so will keep your venetian blinds in good condition. Every 6 months give them a deep clean; it will keep them looking fresh and clean. Consistent cleaning will prevent cleaning and help your blinds last longer.

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