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How deep are roman blinds when closed?

Choosing the right roman blinds to dress your window will add a stylish yet modern twist, especially if you want to achieve a contemporary look. There are also many benefits to choosing a roman blind, such as they can add warmth to your room without the need for curtains. Plus, if you have a radiator underneath your window then with a roman blind you won't cover it up and lose precious heat during the colder months. However it's worth considering a few factors about roman blinds before making a purchase, to ensure they are the right choice for you. 

When open, how much of my window will be covered?

Your main consideration should be, how much light will I lose when the blind is pulled up? This is less of an issue if you have tall windows or tall ceilings as your blind will not be at eye level therefore you will not be distracted. However if you have short or low windows, a roman blind may cover up too much of the glass.

Our made to measure roman blinds are made with a stacked design and on average can cover between 18 cm to 30 cm when the blind is pulled up. This can vary depending on the choice of material and the finished length of the blind. This makes roman blinds not ideal for french doors, more information below.

If you are planning on making your own roman blind please be aware there are different make-up options i.e. stacked or cascade. If you plan to make a cascade roman then please expect this design to cover up more glass. The reason behind this is that each fold is made progressively longer, so when the blind is pulled up each fold is distinctly visible.

Roman blinds and window types

Finally, you should consider what window type you are covering e.g. bay window or french door. For the majority of windows you will not really need to make any special consideration, however things are slightly different with bay windows and french doors:

  • Bay windows - if you decide to dress your bay window with roman blinds then you should stick to a fine, light weight material. This way when the blind is pulled up the pleats will sit flat, allowing you to reduce the gap between each blind. This also provides a neat and tidy finish.
  • French doors - on the other hand if you decide to fit a roman blind over a set of french doors please be mindful that the finished depth of the blind may interfere with the operation of your doors (i.e. if your doors open inwards). Normally if you're considering dressing french or patio doors we would normally advise you to choose either roller blinds or vertical blinds as these cause minimal to no interference at all.

Will your blind fit inside or outside of the recess?

After deciding on your design you should next decide where you would like to fit your roman blind, whether it be inside or outside of a recess. Fitting on the inside will provide a snug fit, minimising any light bleed from around the sides.

However, if you decide to fit the blind outside the recess please be aware that you will have a 1 inch or 25 mm gap at the sides due to the thickness of the headrail; so there will be considerably more light spillage. Having said that, if you're used to having curtains then you will have experienced this before, and this may not be important to you.

Some final tips for ordering made to measure roman blinds from Terrys:

  1. If you plan to fit your roman blind inside your recess then we advise you to order your blind as a recess size. A necessary adjustment will be deducted for clearance and your finished blind size will be slightly smaller than the recess size given. This is to allow the blind to fit and work properly inside the recess and avoid any restrictions. This is usually between a minimum of 0.5 cm and a maximum of 1 cm off each side and a maximum of 1 cm off the length. Please do not make any allowances yourself.
  2. If you decide to fit your roman blind outside you window recess we recommend that the blind extends at least 7 cm to 10 cm to each side of the window recess and approximately 7 cm to 10 cm (where possible) above and below, to ensure that the blind gives adequate coverage of the window when closed. If the window sill protrudes more than 5 cm from the recess, the blind may have to stop at sill level rather than dropping below it, as this will obstruct the smooth operation of the blind. Remember to select actual blind size when ordering your blind as this will be the exact size your blind will be made to.

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