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Choosing blinds for an office, options and what to consider

The blinds available at Terry's Fabrics are suitable for offices, too, both for residential and commercial offices. Your choice in office blinds can either add or subtract from the functionality and beauty, even from the brand, of your company. You can make the right choice by keeping these useful tips in mind.

Put Function First

Each type of office blinds has its own features that make it more practical for a set of needs and wants but not necessarily for another set. You must then know the basic pros and cons of each type, carefully consider them in relation to your requirements before making your choice.

Bright Office Window Blinds

For example, when it comes to office blinds, Venetian and vertical blinds are more suitable in terms of greater control over privacy and light, thanks to their tilting slats and vanes. Roller blinds are the better choice when it comes to ease of operation, while fabric blinds, such as Roman blinds, can cut out the sun’s glare while still providing partial views of the exterior. In rest rooms calming colours such as pale blues and greens can help relax and recharge your staff's batteries during their breaks.

Consider the Corporate Culture

You must also consider the corporate culture of your company when choosing office blinds. Your corporate culture refers to the collection of norms, customs and traditions as well as the principles, practices and policies of your company, both written and unwritten. For example, your company’s culture may emphasise the formal organisational hierarchy and, therefore business suits and professional behaviour are always a must. You can reinforce your company culture by choosing the right type of blinds in terms of their style (e.g., horizontal or vertical), material (e.g., fabric or vinyl), and patterns (e.g., plain or printed). For example, you may choose vertical blinds in a patterned fabric to create a more casual look or vertical blinds in neutral, plain design for a formal environment.

Venetian Blinds In White

You may also consider making bold choices, such as in colours. While neutral colours, such as white, cream and beige, are common choices since these can blend well with almost any office interior design theme, these can become somewhat staid and demotivating. Your office may benefit from a burst of vibrant colour from the window blinds, especially when your furniture and fixtures are in neutral shades. Bright greens are invigorating, while blues have a calming effect on a busy office. Mid and dark blues are the most favourable colour choice in commercial enterprises that want a professional ambience with refined style.

Get the Details Right

You should always get the technical and creative details right especially when you’re ordering made-to-measure blinds. The details should include the measurements of the widths and lengths as well as the colours, textures and patterns on the material chosen. You may want to use a mood board, compare swatches of materials, and use software for simulation for this purpose. You cannot be too careful in this aspect since blinds for commercial buildings are a substantial investment and have to tick all the right boxes in terms of affordability, practicality, versatility, functionality and style. Window blinds in offices will be seen by staff and clientèle on a virtual daily basis, as such you should choose styles and designs that will be fit for purpose on all accounts.

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