Get the Italian look with these 5 stylish venetian blinds

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The Italians are renowned for their stylish interiors. They have the knack of choosing soft furnishings and window dressings in colours and styles which compliment the style of their home and their lifestyles beautifully. In the 18th century Venetian traders discovered window blinds, constructed with a series of horizontal slats which could be adjusted to allow or block out light, during their voyages to the East, and brought them back to Venice and Paris.

While the name Venetian blinds suggests that this type of window covering was first used in Venice they are thought to have originated in Persia. Today Venetian blinds made to measure to your window size remain a practical and stylish way to dress windows. With the ability to adjust the slats to alter the amount of light entering a room they can be used in any style of home and with any decorating motif. Usually used as the sole window dressing, Venetian blinds offer a stylish way to dress windows with the added advantage of preventing others from seeing inside your home.

Bedroom Venetian Blinds


As the name suggests these blinds are made from lightweight aluminium. They have special coatings and finishes making them resistant to moisture and humid atmospheres, which is one of the reasons they are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Today's aluminium blinds are available in different slat widths to compliment the size of the window.


Perforated Venetian blinds have the same stylish look as other styles of Venetian blinds and yet they have a fresh modern appearance. Small perforated holes in the slats allow specks of light to enter the room. The perforations offer superb diffused lighting effects and cast subtle shadows to create a modern ambience.

Pale Colours

Unlike the past where white was the only colour of Venetian blind available, today you can choose virtually any colour to compliment your colour scheme. Pale colours look stunning in smaller rooms and can be used to make a focal point in the room. If you want a natural look pale wooden Venetian blinds have the ability to suit any colour palette effortlessly.

Striped Window Blind

Dark Colours

Perfect for modern and contemporary homes dark coloured Venetian blinds can add the wow factor to your rooms. Available in aluminium and wood, dark coloured blinds can look amazing in many decorating motifs with an Italian influence, including Mediterranean, Roman Villa and modern city apartments.


Their love of nature gives the Italians an eye for detail, coupled with their love of having a beautiful home, gives them a design style which is hankered after by many. Using wooden Venetian blinds is a fabulous way to bring sophisticated style into your rooms which is both practical and versatile.

Wooden Venetian Blind

Wooden Venetian blinds are available in a wide range of colours and a variety of slat widths, making them a suitable window dressing choice irrespective whether you live in a bustling city or in the countryside. Like their aluminium counterparts this style of blind can be adjusted to allow plenty of light into the room and give you complete privacy from prying eyes even when the slats are opened.

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