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Which curtain track spare do I need for my curtain track?

Broken glider? Missing end stop? Bracket deteriorated and snapped? These are normal issues you may face with PVC track components. Over the years plastic becomes brittle from too much exposure from the sun. Good news, we carry plenty of spare track parts from leading manufacturers including companies known as Swish and Harrison & Drape.

Now you may be wondering, do we stock the spare part you need? Well we carry a large range of components that are suited to our curtain tracks, so if you have one of the tracks that we sell then we're sure to have the part you need.

Curtain track gliders

First of all, track gliders. These components are used to attach the curtains to the rail. Now due to these parts being used the most, these tend to deteriorate quickly and over the years you may notice that your curtains are not hanging as neatly as they used to. The image below is of a Harrison Drape clip on glider, however each of our gliders looks slightly different so keep reading to find out which glider is right for your track.

There are different mounting types for gliders known as Clip on and Roller, hence why different gliders look slightly different. The easiest way to distinguish this is by looking at your current setup. Do your gliders clip on the face side of the track or slide in the back and roll? Finding this out will be beneficial, as it helps to narrow down your search results. However, for ease please use the links below to find the gliders we stock and which tracks they are suited to:

Curtain track brackets

These small plastic components have a big responsibility when it comes to holding up your curtains, however like anything else they become tired and eventually need replacing. This is because they hold up the full weight of of your track and curtains, so over time can become damaged.

We carry a large amount of brackets (not all of which look like the above image), so please use the links below to find the brackets we carry in stock and which track they are suitable for.

Curtain track end stops

Finally end stops. If you notice that your curtains are not remaining at the sides when you draw your curtains then this can potentially happen because the end stop has broken. First of all make sure your hook or glider hasn't come off the end stop, as this can easily happen. If you're struggling to locate the end stop there's a high chance that it's broken.

If it has broken then keep reading for advice on which end stop you will need. We have a fantastic range of end stops, many of which we keep high levels of stock of. Please use the links below to find what stock we carry and which end stop is suited to which track:


Using the sections above for glider, bracket and end stop we have tried to create an easier way to locate the track part that you need. By splitting into section and then detailing parts by track type you should hopefully be able to find the part for you. Simply work out which part you need to replace and which track you currently have installed. Once you have done that click the links above and you will be one step closer to fixing your track.

Alternatively, if none of the parts look similar to the part you need or you don't have one of our tracks then there's a possibility we don't stock the spare part you need. That being the case you may have to replace your track with one of the track we have available here. Our tracks are recognised by in house experts to be the best in the business. So selecting the right track can save you time and money in the long run, rather than trying to fix an old track that will only deteriorate further over time.

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